Innovations in Real Estate Sales and Marketing in 2022

Pandemic brought in a tectonic shift in every industry including the real state. It changed the way we perceived or did business. Real estate transactions have traditionally been time-consuming, however, several new innovations in the last few years have helped advance every aspect of home-buying. In the aftermath of the pandemic, builders and other stakeholders have adopted technology and changed the way they do business. Two of the major processes that have seen significant changes are Real estate Sales and Marketing.

BeyondWalls in association with ET Realty conducted a Panel discussion moderated by Ankit Sharma, Principal Correspondent (ET Realty) to discuss how the sales and marketing strategies have changed or will change in the future and invited the industry leaders to share their valuable insights on the same. The industry leaders that were invited are:

  1. Mr. Anupam Verma, President & CEO, Rustomjee Urbania
  2. Mr. Sriram Iyer – MD & CEO, TVS Realty
  3. Mr. Mallanna Sasalu, COO, Provident Housing Limited, Puravankara Group
  4. Mr. Vikram Kotnis, MD & Executive Director, BeyondWalls

Changes That Are Seen in the Sales and Marketing of Real Estate in the Last 2 Years:

Mallanna Sasalu, COO, Provident Housing Limited, Puravankara Group

โ€œWhat we were doing 2 years back: Traditional mediums like newspapers to advertise our project.

Built the sales and marketing office near the site of the project, gave homebuyers the tour of the project and that built the sense of connection in the homebuyers for the property

What we do now: The challenge started with how do we reach the homebuyers or homebuyers reach us. Technology came In and transformed it into another level. We started having virtual tours and gave homebuyers were given virtual tours of the various projects and homebuyers were able to book a flat virtually just like booking a hotel. โ€œ

– Said Mallanna Sasalu, COO, Provident Housing Limited, Puravankara Group

How Easy or Difficult Was It to Train Your Own Employees and Homebuyers and Transform Your Own Business Model with Respect to the Changes?

Anupam Verma, ๐๐ซ๐ž๐ฌ๐ข๐๐ž๐ง๐ญ & ๐‚๐„๐Ž, ๐‘๐ฎ๐ฌ๐ญ๐จ๐ฆ๐ฃ๐ž๐ž ๐”๐ซ๐›๐š๐ง๐ขa

โ€œThe average age of the people facing customers is below 30. Their ability to adapt to any kind of changes and technology is very high and they were able to do the job from day 1 or day 2, they did not need training, they just needed guidance.

As far as the business processes are concerned, we had to go through the process of learning. We realized that with virtual experience, with proper lead management, we were trying to create a prospective base that was likely to give higher conversions.

With Regard to customers, it depends on what they do and where they belong from, as IT people were quite comfortable with the process but some were not. We assured them to trust us and motivated them to visit us. โ€œ

– Said Anupam Verma, President & CEO, Rustomjee Urbania

Are Developers Ready to Adapt to Technology and the Way They Do Their Business?

Vikram Kotnis, MD & Executive Director, BeyondWalls

โ€œDuring covid, technology adoption became very high and then they turned to distribution. Distribution was the easier route as everyone has done that before Although we have been building tech for real estate for the last 10 years. We have built everything from AI to where your customer is sitting in your Real Estate Sales funnel pipeline but adoption is barely at 25%. The gap is between the tech and business sides of real estate. They need the right person to bridge the gap between these two aspects and this is where the real estate industry has been lagging. More tech people need to be employed in real estate.โ€

– Said Vikram Kotnis, MD & Executive Director, BeyondWalls

How Will You Use Technology to Acquire New Customers if You Are Moving to a New City?

Sriram Iyer - ๐Œ๐ƒ & ๐‚๐„๐Ž, ๐“๐•๐’ ๐‘๐ž๐š๐ฅ๐ญ๐ฒ

โ€œIf I talk about Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, as a strategy I would go with plotted development first to establish the track record. What is important as a developer in a new city is to have a track record. How to establish that? That is where Brand building exercise becomes very important. There is always an entry cost to enter a new region and that is why real estate has been a localized business except for some brands.

To enter a new region, reach out to people about the track record, governance, quality of your product and the list of the happy customers and then after some time customers will revert back. If your pitch is fundamentally strong, then you can gain market share.โ€

– Said Mr. Sriram Iyer – MD & CEO, TVS Realty

To know more about the discussion and get more insights on innovations in RE sales and marketing, watch the video of the panel discussion here:


How PropTech is Transforming Indian Real Estate

The real estate industry has changed significantly since the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic. The sector which was initially reluctant to adopt technology is now rushing toward its adoption. Such a move towards digitalisation has opened gateways for property technology or PropTech to create new waves of transformation in this industry.

The adoption of technology in real estate has progressed so much that today’s businesses cannot afford to function without it.

VTP Realty CEO Sachin Bhandari, in this regard, says,

“Embracing PropTech for your real estate after 2020 is a must. It is not a novelty anymore; instead, it has become a necessity, and businesses can’t run from it.”

VTP Realty CEO Sachin Bhandari

PropTech, has become an integral part of Indian Real Estate and will play a vital role in the coming years. This article will look at this role and explore the dynamics involved in PropTech and how it is transforming the real estate industry.

Understanding The Dynamics of PropTech

Hereโ€™s how Arvind Subramanian, MD & CEO, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd explains and dissects the dynamic factors of PropTech.

  • Consumer Tech –

    Technology involved with reaching potential customers through real estate marketing & sales cycles
  • Construction Tech –

    Technology being used in the construction process, including AI, drone surveillance, and BIM, amongst others
  • Home Tech –

    Technology available at the customer’s far end, including smart homes, security features, amongst others.
Arvind Subramanian, MD & CEO, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd

Fundamentals of PropTech Ecosystem

At its core, Data, Communication, and Computing Power are the driving force behind the propelling growth of PropTech.

Vikram Kotnis, Executive Chairman & MD at BeyondWalls, asserts,

“Fundamentally, data is getting cheaper, communication speeds are increasing, and computing power is increasing day by day. This allows us to leverage consumer data to collaborate efficiently, stay updated with trends and accelerate the real estate process to quite an extent.”

Vikram Kotnis, Executive Chairman & MD at BeyondWalls

These entities empower real estate developers and brokers to connect with the entire customer journey and become a part of the PropTech Ecosystem. For real estate developers, this ecosystem further entails a multitude of technologies, including Customer Acquisition technology, CRM technology, ERPs, SPA, Project management technology, design software, 3D printing, and much more.

The real estate industry is getting competitive day by day, and thus, these developers are keen to adopt the latest technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

PropTech at the Developers & Brokers’ End

A robust PropTech ecosystem can help real estate developers, brokers, and agents make the most of their efforts without spending much on their resources. In fact, pre-sales processes, lead management, product showcase, and unit bookings can all be made through online channels now. One of the prominent examples of a product showcase is VR technology. Developers can use VR technology to show the flat virtually and save costs on building a sample unit.

On the construction side of things, PropTech also grants developers the ability to supervise projects easily using drones, take control over their architecture using BIM, forecast budgets using predictive analysis, and much more.

Rohit Gera, Managing Director at Gera Development, describes the use of drone technology to supervise the construction site concerning the quality and safety of the workers.

“We have drone shoots; our monthly reviews are done using drone footage. We use it for construction quality, the safety of workers, and supervise the whole construction process.”

Rohit Gera, Managing Director at Gera Development

Furthermore, the PropTech solution allows developers to bridge the gap between the multiple departments by sending the correct information and broadcasting it to all the stakeholders.

Overall, PropTech offers developers and brokers to collaborate easily, troubleshoot online, supervise, and scale operations quickly.

PropTech at the Consumers’ End

Today, the millennial generation cares more about experiences and the ways things look & feel. That is why they are ready to spend more and get a better experience and do not shy away from researching for themselves.

People today look for properties online, research developers, read reviews, do a comprehensive site visit, and then book a property. Paving the way for simpler, easy things, these consumers also look forward to completing transactions online over to the traditional offline process.

Technology like Blockchain also favours these consumers on a significant level. According to Mr Kotnis, Blockchain will bring transparency for customers concerning the whole financing options and payment involved in the real estate industry. He says, “If you take a 50 Lakhs loan for a property, then by the time the property is yours, you have paid around 30 Lakhs in interest only. Blockchain in such a matter will bring transparency with the cost involved.”

Mr Gera also gives a brilliant example of how PropTech improves real estate transactions. “If you order something online from Zomato for Rs. 250, you get instant notification that the same amount has been debited from your account. Whereas you give the developer a Rs 7-10 Lakhs cheque, the same gets reflected after seven days. Now, we are partnering with Banks to use their digital technology to speed up the transactions.”

He also gives insights on how consumers can keep everything at their fingertips with their mobile app. The Gera World Mobile app lets the users store documents, download agreements, get real-time notifications, view events & meetings, and much more. They can do practically everything they need with the use of a smartphone.

VR is yet another key technology that will play a significant role in letting customers understand the product, walk through it, talk to a consultant online, and book property without being physically present in that state or country. Home automation with IoT, smart devices, and mobile apps have also become a major part of home technology that is empowering consumers to do more than just own a home.

Such examples of PropTech in Indian Real estate help keep the process simple, quick, and transparent while empowering developers to stay consistent with their customers’ journey.

In Conclusion

It is safe to say that property technology is transforming Indian Real Estate for the greater good. It has already become a part of consumers and is on the right curve to be adopted by real estate developers, brokers, and agents alike. For the forthcoming years, embracing this PropTech in Indian Real Estate will pave the path for collective customer and business growth.


BeyondWalls Celebrates Channel Partner (CP) Summit 2022 in Pune

BeyondWalls conducted the 2nd edition of the Channel Partner (CP) Summit at Orchid Hotel, Pune on 7th March 2022. In this event, two new projects were introduced, Aishwaryam Insignia and LA Centra.

With the participation of more than 400 Real Estate Channel Partners, the CP Summit 2022 acted as an avenue to bring forth a new and lucrative scheme for the brokers- โ€˜The BeyondWalls Special Incentive Programโ€™. Under this scheme, if a broker makes one property booking with a customer, they will earn a maximum incentive of Rs 5000. Their average incentive will also sum up to Rs 5000,โ€ explains Mr. Vikram Kotnis, the Executive Chairman and MD. โ€œSimilarly, if a broker makes 50 bookings, their maximum incentive will increase to Rs 10200, and their average incentives will go up to Rs 7500, respectively. The amount of incentive will increase with the increase in the number of bookings,โ€ Vikram added.

Furthermore, Mr. Vikram announced that more than 700 units of property are expected to be sold in the next 45 days. The brokerage amount to be released will range from Rs 10-Rs 12 crore.

The CP Summit 2022 also witnessed the celebration of the major achievement- 57 Midtown, which shed the spotlight on BeyondWalls reaching the milestone of 78 bookings in the last three months.

In this event, we also launched the BeyondWalls Brokers App. Through this app, the homeselling process for brokers is aimed to be simplified. The brokers will be able to stay connected with BeyondWalls and also receive major updates on the go. They will receive quick updates about new launches and will be able to stay updated about the best offers and top projects.

The evening proceeded with an award ceremony wherein promising brokers were awarded for their dedicated endeavors. The first award segment included the General Category Award. This award was subdivided into three different categories- Rising Star, Site Visit Superhero, Sales Superhero

Under the Rising Star Category, the following CP firms were felicitated:

  • Property Guide
  • Infoest Realtech
  • Perfect homeland
  • Vikreta Realty
  • Shelter Mentors
  • SP Tenacity
  • Hiranandani
  • Prop Solution
  • Global Realtors
  • Homified
  • Espirit Homes
  • Saijeet

The Site Visit Superhero Category recognized the following CP firms:

  • SP Tenacity
  • Hiranandani
  • Prop Solution
  • Global Realtors

Under the Sales Superhero Category, the CP firms that were felicitated have been mentioned below:

  • Homified
  • Espirit Homes
  • Saijeet

The next award segment was conducted to give Project Specific Awards. These awards were divided into two categories- Rising Star and Star Performer. CP firms Saijeet Realtors, Shelter Properties, and Riseonic Estate bagged the Rising Star award, while Proptiger was awarded with the Star Performer award.

About BeyondWalls:

BeyondWalls is Indiaโ€™s leading integrated Proptech ecosystem conceptualized to create a superlative home-buying experience. The tech-driven platform enables collaboration between Real Estate Developers and Channel Partners to provide a seamless end-to-end offering for homebuyers across India. It is an award-winning PropTech firm, which aims to be the one-stop trusted platform for the entire Indian real estate ecosystem.


Reach to Retention, Leads to Deal: How BeyondWalls Takes Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level?

Technology today is offering markets and sectors various new and innovative tools to improve their services by cutting costs, getting rid of inefficiencies, and offering better solutions. One of the fine examples of this in the Real Estate market is the Prop-Tech (property+technology) Ecosystem that is leading new ways for home buying, property management, tenancy, and estate agency management.

BeyondWalls is a leading Integrated Prop-Tech Ecosystem in India. The idea of BeyondWalls was conceptualized to make the process of home buying hassle-free and straightforward for buyers. At Amura, we had the vision to be India’s one-stop transparent & trusted platform for developers, channel partners & homebuyers. That vision eventually materialized under the brand name BeyondWalls.

BeyondWalls is an all-around property selling and technology integrator for B2B & B2C customers who have everything to do with Real Estate. A robust tech-driven platform, it enables seamless collaboration between Real Estate developers and channel partners to streamline the home buying experience for Indian home buyers, particularly with its CRM solution, Sell.Do.

In this blog, we explore more about the journey of BeyondWalls, how it fits in the Real Estate market, its expertise and legacy in the segment, and how it can help you take your Real Estate business to new heights.

Tracing the Journey of BeyondWalls

Tracing the Journey of BeyondWalls

BeyondWalls started its journey in the Real Estate market as a part of Amura Real Estate, the company with a long-term vision to be India’s one-stop transparent & trusted platform for various stakeholders in the segment, including developers, channel partners & homebuyers.

Creating its own niche, BeyondWalls Real Estate soon emerged and materialized this vision to become an independent leading Prop-Tech Ecosystem for channel partners and developers alike. Starting small, the company has soon become an all-round property selling and technology integrator for both B2B & B2C customers dealing in everything Real Estate.

BeyondWalls: Expertise and Legacy

BeyondWalls, as a Prop-Tech disruptor in the Indian Real Estate industry, is removing the legacy systems of home-buying and business models involving multiple stakeholders and bringing in enhanced transparency by allowing buyer and seller to come together effortlessly. Here are some of the data points to highlight the expertise of the company in the Real Estate segment.

  • The company has 600+ clients across the Real Estate industry in India, with over 16.5 MN+ leads generated across channels
  • There are 17 BN ad impressions and INR 103+ Cr. marketing budget managed by BeyondWalls.
  • The company has reached a whopping 780 MN consumers in a short span of 12 years.
  • Leading the Real Estate space, the company has INR 40k worth of inventory sold and managed over 450 MN+ customer interactions.
  • The brand boasts of 12 years+ of experience in the industry along with 15+ awards for Real Estate projects & marketing campaigns under its belt.

From the time of its inception, the company has helped uplift the Indian Real Estate industry for sales, marketing, and a host of other related streams. Since Real Estate is a space where creating relationships with customers is a key factor in determining sales success, BeyondWalls manages customer relationships via its in-house product Sell.Do, a dedicated Real Estate CRM to incorporate sales and marketing automation in the Real Estate business.

Sell.Do is one of the most effective Real Estate CRM solutions tailor-made for the Real Estate industry, that is equipped with the right set of features to help developers boost their sales and marketing efforts.

An Integrated Prop-Tech Ecosystem for Effective Real Estate Operations

An Integrated Prop-Tech Ecosystem for Effective Real Estate Operations

Coming as an integrated Prop-Tech Ecosystem, BeyondWalls saw the need to empower businesses to manage real estate operations effortlessly. The observations came through operations spread across many factors, including selling, buying, and leasing properties, along with their finances and noted how they take a significant amount of time, effort, and monetary resources. Not to mention the number of resources required to generate leads and look after their individual requirements.

Keeping technology at its front, BeyondWalls brought on advanced solutions concerning sales & marketing automation, effective lead management, the scope for digital payments, and personalised messaging, simplifying the processes mentioned above. Its proprietary software solution, Sell.Do today empowers numerous developers, agents, brokers, and businesses to automate their processes with unmatched productivity and efficiency.

The critical stages of the marketing & sales funnel strategy of this robust Prop-Tech Ecosystem include:

  • Spreading Awareness

    For Real Estate developers and property management companies, spreading awareness simply means that their target audience knows that your property exists. This is the stage where they take various efforts to inform clients about their products/ services.

    BeyondWalls real estate, along with its CRM solution Sell.Do, makes it simpler to spread awareness about the launching of any new project or campaign. It allows developers and agents to be more efficient in the process by helping in running paid campaigns, monitoring existing campaigns, capturing leads, and allowing them to calculate various metrics like CTR, impressions, reach, clicks, video views, view rate, direct searches on the website among others.

  • Consideration

    This is yet another critical phase of the marketing funnel, especially since the chances of losing leads at this stage are high. This is the stage where efforts are taken to keep the leads hooked and engaged with your offer. It is important to focus on communicating with customers about the unique selling points (USPs) of your project, the amenities available, and various other features that the project has to offer. The idea here is to assess the client’s needs accurately and clarify what makes your Real Estate unique. Your USPs must communicate precisely why your Real Estate business is different from all your competitors.

    To navigate this, BeyondWalls, along with Sell.Do CRM, implements various content marketing strategies to engage with their audience. There are several content formats such as blogs, videos, and ads, which are used to nurture the audience. Further, the performance & sustenance of the campaign is also measured through website engagement metrics, leads, CPL, qualified leads & CPQL.

  • Lead Nurturing

    The bigger your Real Estate business becomes, the less time you get to manage the process of lead generation, lead nurturing, and booking management all by yourself or even by a team of employees. To make it simpler, technology has become a major part of Real Estate lead generation and management in Real Estate in recent years.

    What makes it super simple for you to engage your prospects/visitors, do follow-ups, and be thorough with offering required information to your customer is a robust customer management system, which can automate all the tasks, saving you a lot of energy and time.

    BeyondWalls can help you automate the Real Estate lead nurturing and booking process by allowing you to calculate the metrics such as call time, call-back time, missed follow-ups, referrals, leads of bookings, nurturing opens & nurturing link clicks. It allows you to improve the relationship with your customers and leads, manage events and reminder systems better, and much more.

    To avoid losing leads during the process, developers should use a powerful CRM in the Real Estate industry. Using a good Real Estate CRM tool such as Sell.Do can help your sales method recognize drips in the sales funnel and modernize the procedure.

    Sell.Do is an exclusive CRM in the Real Estate industry that comes with built-in phone, email, and funnel reports. These are some of the powerful functionalities in this software to aid in the middle funnel process by making client data easily accessible, automating various tasks, creating a robust layout for sales, and effectively managing your sales campaigns.

How Sell.Do Helps Leverage the Marketing Funnel

How Sell.Do Helps Leverage the Marketing Funnel

Managing end-to-end Real Estate activities including property enquiries, scheduling site visits, managing channel partner sales, handling bookings, staying updated on inventory and more can get very overwhelming.

However, all the above-mentioned activities and data can be efficiently managed on one single platform with minimal effort.

Sell.Do, an Integrated Real Estate CRM serves as a one-stop platform for automating the entire sales and marketing cycle for developers and brokers. Here is how Sell.Do can help you seamlessly manage your data across all the stages of the selling cycle-

  • Setting Up Advertising Campaigns

    Include launching online campaigns from Facebook and Google along with getting customized search ads as per peopleโ€™s search terms

  • Tracking Campaigns

    Includes tracking all your online & offline campaigns on a single dashboard, sending event-based SMSes/emails to customers with just a few clicks, and engaging with multiple customers at the same time through bulk SMSes/email, Chatbots with automated conversations, and more.

  • Pre-Sales Automation

    Involves automatically capturing leads from all sources and identifying hot leads easily through auto-lead scoring

  • Sales Automation

    Includes tracking your sales teamโ€™s activities and analyzing their performance through insightful data and getting automatic reminders for site visits, follow-ups, etc.

  • Online Property Booking

    Facilitate hassle-free online property booking experience for home buyers along with enhanced transparency with real-time inventory details.

  • Post-Sales Management Automation

    Includes creating & sending booking-related documents online, automatically sending payment reminders, and more.

In Summary

Unlike the traditional methods of Real Estate marketing, Prop-Tech ecosystems such as BeyondWalls are helping Real Estate businesses to transform their marketing processes like never before. It is becoming the key pillar for both Real Estate marketers and developers. Apart from assisting developers in target marketing, which increases their reach significantly and offers an interactive experience for customers, it also enables leveraging the overall value chain among homebuyers and developers.

If you are also a developer, collaborating with BeyondWalls as your technology & marketing partner allows you to take advantage of data-driven decision-making, double your reach to customers and keep up with the latest Real Estate market trends as well.

BeyondWalls has the expertise to offer you a comprehensive experience of a complete Real Estate Ecosystem under one roof. It is an end-to-end Prop-Tech partner that offers solutions and the final output based on your specific marketing objective to help you achieve your unique business goals.

If you are a developer looking to expand your reach and make your brand successful, BeyondWalls in collaboration with Sell.Do can help your Real Estate business manage its customer relationships and take it to the next level.