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Proven Framework for High Velocity Launches

Real estate is a highly dynamic industry. It is dictated by the ever-evolving demands and preferences of the consumers, and these must be met in order for the industry to scale and grow. In the current climate, the competition in the sector has enhanced multifold. There are numerous projects that are being launched in the market, and it is now more important than ever to strategize a launch that sets you apart from the competition.

Despite the constant changes in real estate market trends, there are certain tried and tested learnings that can be leveraged to create successful launches. Hereinafter elaborated is a proven framework that can help you achieve high velocity launches:

STEP 1: Understanding the Market & Your Buyer

Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

The biggest parameter for the success of a launch is the degree to which it aligns with the market and homebuyer demand. An accurate product-market fit must be created, and for this, it is crucial to understand the dynamics of demand and supply. A few ways in which this can be done are:

  • Conduct a Demand & Supply analysis using data collated from sources such as RERA & IGR to analyze various aspects (such as carpet area, configuration, price range etc.) of the inventory that is in demand, and that which is available
  • Conduct a thorough Competitor Analysis to identify your strengths, development areas, opportunities and threats. This analysis should be done primarily on the basis of 4 key factors:
    • Brand
    • Location
    • Pricing 
    • Lifestyle.
  • On the basis of these four factors, you should try to create a value proposition for homebuyers, by making your project or pricing stand out from among the competition. This will also help in defining the marketing narrative.
  • Gain insights into infrastructural development in various micro-markets, and registration information from portals like PMC, BMC and BBMP

This analysis will allow you to draft the right narrative for communicating to your target audience, and creating high aspirational value for the launch in their mind.

STEP 2: Positioning Your Project Correctly

Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

The results from the various analyses regarding the real estate market and buyer trends will help you to identify the ideal positioning that the project must have, as well as the go-to-market strategy that must be adopted for it. Along with it, you can also understand where the target group for your launch is the most active, and accordingly craft your ATL and BTL activities. There are also key elements regarding the project that can be analyzed, such as:

  • Its positioning, and the Go-To-Market strategy for it
  • The price bucket of the product
  • The attractive offers or schemes that you can offer to homebuyers

From the marketing perspective, it is helpful to set targets against the various channels based on historic metrics and experience-based assumptions. The performance of each channel should then ideally be tracked, to give a representation of what is working better for your project.

STEP 3: Setting up Growth Marketing Framework & Analytics

This is one of the most important steps for ensuring the success of launch campaigns. At each stage during the launch process, there should be complete clarity on certain metrics such as:

  • Targets
  • Experiments
  • Assumptions
  • Expected outcomes

Growth Marketing experiments will help you prepare the best strategy to market your product in a way that can generate the maximum leads and boost your sales. Certain aspects such as the target groups, channels of marketing and communication can be made the foundation for the experiments. Once each of these aspects has been tracked, it can give useful insights into the best-performing marketing aspects, which can then be scaled.

It is also necessary to track the metrics of targets vs achieved results using real-time data.

Furthermore, targets should be set up at each level of the funnel metrics:

  • Top of the funnel metrics like – reach, CTRs, Time on Site, leads, qualifications, cost per qualified lead
  • Middle of the funnel metrics like – Lead engagement, pre-sales TAT, lead scoring, lead nurturing, Site visit ratio, Cost per site visit
  • Bottom of the funnel metrics like – Lead to booking ratio, Site visit to booking ratio, Cost per booking

STEP 4: Planning Your Channel Partner Aggregation

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Channel Partners are a vital source of sales. A good real estate channel partner network can help you cast your sales net wider, and achieve the high velocity that your project launch needs. Similar to homebuyers, it is equally essential to keep channel partners engaged through the duration of a project launch, in order to harness their potential in boosting your sales.

Due to their increasing importance, there are now tech-based aggregation platforms which can efficiently connect you to a network of channel partners. Through these platforms, your marketing efforts can be scaled greatly with minimal costs, and they can also help in tracking and analyzing the performance of various channel partners.

STEP 5: Defining Your Customer Experience (CX)

Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

The experience that your brand creates for your customers is just as important as the product you are selling. During interactions with customers, the product pitch is of vital importance. The experience that your customers should be well defined at every step during their journey:

  • Pre-Sales is the first touchpoint that the customer has with your brand, and it dictates the perception that the consumer will make of the brand. It is essential to have pre-sales personnel who have good etiquette and are knowledgeable about the brand.
  • Attention should be focused upon the on-arrival experience that the customer has. The on-site experience is also an extremely important aspect of the overall interaction that the consumer has with your brand. It should be curated in a way that showcases the best aspects of the property and your business.
  • The sales pitch should be properly planned and executed. It should be done in a professional manner, with attention to detail of the consumer’s requirements
  • It is also crucial to ensure that the customer has a good experience with the sales team during, and after the sale

Besides implementing these measures for a good customer experience, it is equally important to be able to track the interactions at various stages and identify the areas that can be improved upon.

STEP 6: Setting up Full-Funnel Analytics

Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

Data and metrics are the best sources of information to strategize a successful plan. It is essential for you to understand how the entire campaign is shaping up, where the gaps are, and which aspects need to be improved. This is only possible if you have set up processes and metrics for the entire homebuying journey, i.e., the full funnel:

  1. Leads
  2. Cost per lead
  3. Qualification
  4. Cost per qualified lead
  5. Site visits
  6. Cost per site visit
  7. Ratio of lead to site visit
  8. Bookings
  9. Cost per booking
  10. Revenue
  11. Marketing cost
  12. Sales cost
  13. Inventory management
  14. Payment and booking management

Funnel analytics should represent every stage of the real estate sales and marketing process, starting with leads and ending with payment and booking management. These insights will provide a clear representation of your business and its performance, and help you create a successful, high-velocity launch.

By adopting and implementing the above-enumerated steps in your launch framework, you can achieve a successful project launch. BeyondWalls – India’s only Integrated Proptech Ecosystem provides complete, end-to-end services for all real estate requirements. As a real estate marketing agency, BeyondWalls can optimize your real estate business, and help you achieve high-velocity launches.

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Video Marketing: A Complete Guide for 2024

Buying a real estate property is a complex, time-consuming process and involves a lot of research. There are many sources to undergo the same research. Erstwhile, marketing for real estate was done with business cards, flyers, and window signs. It is not just enough now. You need to have a presence in the digital world with the right kind of information that your target audience requires.

Video marketing has gained recent popularity, and brands are considering it as this strategy has proven to be highly successful.

Real estate video marketing has a way of gripping its audience. Almost 94% of marketers have admitted how video marketing helped them improve their brand visibility. This is because of the inherent nature of human beings. We are very inclined to visual storytelling, and the ways the characters emote to it are relatable to us. This is why it is easier for the audience at large to consume videos. This makes it a glowing opportunity for marketers to enter in and use video marketing to improve their conversation rates and get direct real estate sales.

In this piece of content, we talk about all the prospects that you can dive into for crafting a niche for yourself in the digital space in an authentic way.

Types of Marketing Videos for Real Estate

The first thing you need to keep in mind while doing property video marketing is the USP of your project. You can use various options for reaching different sects of your audience, but primarily remember what makes it a sale for them:

1. Influencer Walkthroughs: People are more likely to follow the opinion of someone that they look up to. An influencer with a hold over your target base shall be tagged into walking through the property you want to sell. Have them showcase USP features in property video marketing.

2. Sample Flat Walkthroughs: When your sample flat is ready, have a video walkthrough with your audience and post it on your social. Inform them about the benefits the property offers in your video. 

3. 3D Walkthroughs: These walkthroughs are a tad bit more modern. They give a virtual tour of the place to your audience in 3D and can cover any structure provided with an internet facility. This will help your audience decide first base if they want to move forward with the property or not.

4. Video Mapping: You can undergo projection mapping and make the everyday objects into interesting plots. This is a dramatic technique of making a customized display for your property

5. Testimonials Videos: You can record the reviews that you have received from your previous clients and assemble them into a video form on your social platform. This will create a trust factor for your audience and will effectively convert potential buyers into buyers.

  • Analyze Your Audience
  • Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

    The fortemost thing you need to do is to identify your target audience. Gauge the market and gauge the buyer’s persona that you can fill in. check in their real estate needs and then craft a property marketing video for the same audience.

    You can find your audience by researching deeper into your existing pool of customers. You can study their background and behavioral traits to find out everything you need to know about your buyer’s persona.

  • Prepare Your Script
  • For accurate real estate video marketing, you must prepare your script beforehand. Make sure that it does not come across as too ‘salesy’. Use the right bits of information and put a call-to-action content bit when necessary.

    You can add your personal experience to becoming a realtor if you are a realtor. You can also involve some of the work you have done in the past and show your happy clients. This will build a trust factor with your potential customers. Consider including all these things in your script, and make sure to hone it well before going on record.

  • Record High-Quality Content
  • Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

    If you want to succeed with real estate video marketing, it’s important to record high-quality content. This means using a good camera and microphone and recording in a well-lit environment. It’s also important to edit your videos well so that they’re concise and easy to watch.

    People want to watch videos that are informative and entertaining. Your videos should be both of these things. They should offer viewers valuable information about the real estate market, and they should be filmed in an engaging way. It’s also important to upload your videos to a popular video-sharing platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo. This will help ensure that your videos get seen by a wide audience.

    By following these tips, you can produce high-quality real estate video content that will engage and inform viewers.

  • Showcase Your USPs
  • Over time by staying in business, you will figure out the main selling points you can leverage. Video marketing for real estate agents should have the USPs they are good with. List everything you are good at and craft it creatively in short videos.

  • Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle
  • Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

    Do not sell a home; sell a lifestyle. Create aspirational videos. Add emotions to it. If you are planning to invest in digital marketing for real estate in India, you must add a heavy dose of emotional content to your video. It also remains true, as people pay more attention to emotions than information.

  • Record Concise Videos
  • In the end, remember to keep the videos as short as possible. The only reason videos work is because they are an exciting alternative to lengthy texts. So, try to keep your videos as short as possible.


You can follow a list of the above-mentioned tips and hacks to dive into real estate video marketing. Be sure to put in enough research that is well backed by your client’s history. Use the correct mediums for communicating these videos. Choose the right kind of content strategy and make the right choice for the social media platforms that you choose to share your content with the world.

Real Estate Marketing

Create A Successful Digital Marketing Plan for Real Estate Business

As an experienced realtor, you must have known the shift in property search in the last 10 years. The changes have advanced more towards the technological side of things, empowering your customers to look for online information while they look to buy a house. This digital penetration has changed the entire dynamic of real estate in the last couple of years.

Because of the advent of the digital market, your customers would come to you with well-backed research on the home they are looking into. Almost 83% of home buyers see a property online for the first time they purchase. And almost 33% of first-time home buyers look for properties online when they start researching.

If you are new to this and fear that the hefty changes in the real estate market will curb your prospects, do not worry. We have compiled a list of things you can do to create more opportunities for your business with a successful digital marketing plan. Let’s dive in deep to know about them.

Steps to Follow to Create a Solid Digital Marketing Plan For Real Estate Business:

1 .  Create Your Business Website

What is Social Media Marketing?

In any business, a website is necessary, but for a real estate business, a website is a must.  As you are selling a product that is heavily influenced by its look and feel, you must have a website that is enticing enough and is filled with multimedia to showcase the best part of the project. You can leave them with essential information so they would want to come more.

Also, with all the necessary details, you can list people you have worked with and met their real estate needs. It would humanize your website and build your audience’s trust in you. Almost  57% of internet users have admitted that they don’t recommend brands with poorly designed websites.

You can hire a  real estate marketing agency if you are unaware of the technical side of things.

2 .  SEO Strategy

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The better your website is for the audience, the higher it goes in the Google Page Ranking. Almost 70% of marketers in today’s world prefer SEO over other PPC for multiple reasons. For a real estate property marketing plan, you should ensure that your website has as much helpful content for your audience. SEO helps in the growth of your real estate business by:

  • Optimizing your visibility online 
  • Increasing your reach to your potential customers
  • Creating a trust factor with your audience
  • Valuable content on blog posts, boosts page ranking.

3 .  Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What is Social Media Marketing?

PPC advertising would work well for your real estate business if you want to generate leads. You should add this to your real estate digital marketing plan. By using PPC advertising you target people with similar searched keywords as your business. You pay for the ad when an interested buyer has clicked on your ad.

This is a genuine source for lead generation. As a real estate business, you can put your business ads and people searching for keywords similar to your brand and business will land on your page if your ad fits their needs. 

4 .  Email Marketing

Email marketing and campaigns are still relevant marketing plans for real estate businesses. It is a great way to generate leads and stay in touch with your existing clients. Also, you get your buyer’s persona with a well-rounded campaign. You can find clients through this and personalize your relationship with your customer base.

5 .  Content Strategy

What is Social Media Marketing?

Content strategy is where you use videos, blog posts, or images to create content with value for your audience. This is imperative to your real estate marketing plan as it regulates your viewership and engagement. Websites that respond quicker have 434% higher pages indexed by Google crawlers. Your website will be a top choice if your blog posts are useful and respond quickly to their users. 

Content strategy is how you share real estate news, tips, updates, or fun facts with your buyer or potential buyers. It is said that videos have 3 times higher engagement and viewership than regular content, so you should look to add it to your digital marketing strategy.

6.  Social Media Strategy

What is Social Media Marketing?

A realtor marketing plan is nothing without a social media strategy. You must have a presence on the social media handles where your target base is. You need to make them aware of your work and be present in their social media feeds. 

A study suggests that adding a social media plan to your digital strategy will increase your revenue by more than 20%. You can choose social media channels based on your audience’s presence on that media channel. 

7 .  Host Webinars

People look for an expert’s advice in a matter and if you could be someone or have someone with fundamental knowledge of real estate for your audience, then your webinar would be a definite success. A thoughtful speaker will enhance your real estate property marketing plan by folds. 


A digital strategy is a mixture of all these aspects. While forming one for you, get in touch with a real estate marketing agency to get the best for your firm. People are shifting away from offline modes to online platforms to gain the best for them. If you are a realtor or an individual looking to buy a home, you must add a digital marketing plan to your list of things to go through.


Real Estate in Pune – An Ever Evolving Market (Q2 CY 22)

Pune’s realty market is on an optimum path of recovery after the hit of the pandemic, and the recent global economic disruption. 2022 is being hailed as a lucrative year for the city, and the overall residential sales are expected to surpass those of the last 5 years. This boost in sales velocity can materialize only if property prices are aligned with the demands and buying capacity of consumers.

The sales trends maintained a consistent pace across Q1 and Q2 of CY 2022:

  • 23, 857 unit sales in Q1
  • 22, 741 unit sales in Q2

The sales for this year are expected to exceed an all-time high of 1 lac+ units.

Residential real estate witnessed a boost in Q1 and Q2 combined of 2022, in terms of both inventory and sales. Developers made more inventory available in the market, which increased by 106% from Q1 and Q2 combined of 2021. The residential sales too increased by 20-25% Y-o-Y, with an expected split between resale and new properties.

Residential Sales Trends of Q2 CY 2022

The sales metrics collated from Q2 of CY 2022 convey a trend of purchasing sentiments which are favorable towards specific localities, configurations and prices.

1 . Zone-Wise Trends

What is Social Media Marketing?

The Top Selling Zone:

West Pune emerged as the highest-selling geographical zone in Q2 2022. The preferences leaned heavily towards 2BHKs for mid-segment pricing, particularly within the price range of Rs. 60-65 lacs.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Within the entire west zone, there are differences in the preferred price segments and carpet area for properties within different micro-markets.

What is Social Media Marketing?

The top-selling micro-markets for West Pune were:

  • Wakad
  • Punawale
  • Tathawade

West Pune attracts a lot of young homebuyers who are keen on starting a family and desire an upgrade from 1BHK units to spacious 2BHK units in micro markets like Wakad, Tathawade, Punawale. The zone is also attracting families who want to upgrade from a 2 BHK to a 3 BHK in micro-markets like Balewadi and Baner. Due to its proximity to Mumbai-Pune expressway, the zone is highly preferred by investors, home buyers from Mumbai and migrants from other cities. It has the perfect opportunity for such homebuyers to thrive in, as it offers good employment, connectivity, safety and lifestyle amenities. This strong base of infrastructure in the west makes it highly appealing for residential settlements.

The Next-Best Selling Zone:

East Pune was the next best-selling zone, wherein 2BHK and 1BHK units witnessed the most real estate sales. The most-preferred pricing in this zone was in the affordable segment.

What is Social Media Marketing?

East Pune had demand for affordable as well as premium properties, differentiated by the particular micro-markets.

What is Social Media Marketing?

The top-selling micro-markets of the East were:

  • Wagholi
  • Charholi
  • Manjari

East Pune offers homebuyers a comfortable lifestyle with rich infrastructure, amenities and a safe neighborhood. Most of the homebuyers in this zone upgrade from suburban areas, seeking a better lifestyle. For them, 1 & 2BHK’s are the perfect type of property to invest in. The appeal of East Pune lies in the fact that it was the origin of Pune’s industrial and IT evolution, and also houses the offices of leading MNC’s like Barclays, HCL etc.

2. Primary and Secondary Sales Trends

Secondary sales account for 10-12% of the total sales in the city.

This trend is influenced by homebuyers who are looking to move in immediately, and who opt for resale properties over new launches. Furthermore, investors who were waiting for the market to open to cash out their real estate investment have also finally succeeded, which has also caused an increase in secondary sales.

Post the economic headwinds in the country, increase in repo rates and home loan interest, people are trying to reduce the risks associated with their home buying and are moving towards safer options.

Homebuyer Insights

Homebuyers today are well-informed and have very clear preferences. The current homebuyer sentiment is leaning heavily towards properties for self-use, which is largely due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

The demand and sales data complement each other, displaying a rise in both these parameters for homebuyers:

  • The demand in Q2 CY 22 increased by 8.1% QoQ compared to the increase of 3.1% QoQ of Q1
  • This rise in demand for residential real estate can be attributed to the stabilizing economy, hybrid working model and buying capacity of homebuyers
  • The unsold inventory declined 13% Y-o-Y

Post-Pandemic Homebuyer Trends

The pandemic played a significant role in the evolution of homebuyer sentiments, and the following crucial trends have been witnessed in this year as compared to the pre-pandemic year of 2019:

  • Factors such as early possession, larger carpet areas, and the preference for amenities have increased
  • 43% of people have shown an inclination to move to the suburbs
  • A preference for 3BHK’s witnessed among 18% of homebuyers

The maximum sales are driven by people between the ages of 25-65, and from industries like IT and manufacturing. The comfort of using technology among today’s homebuyers has enhanced the internet searches for homes, which are currently 1.7 Lac+.

1 . Locality Preferences

Preference for specific localities generally stems from the following factors:

  • Proximity to workspaces
  • Connectivity with social infrastructure
  • Safety

As per statistics, homebuyers in Pune prefer to have amenities like schools, hospitals and shopping complexes not more than 10 min from their homes. After the penetration of hybrid working module, people are willing to live at a distance from their workspace as long as their travel time is not higher.

With regards to the safety that they offer, localities like Wakad, Baner & Balewadi from the West and Kharadi, Hadapsar & Mundhwa from East are preferred. These localities also offer the convenience of being well-connected to workspaces, schools and shopping complexes.

2 . Configuration Preferences What is Social Media Marketing?

Each configuration has seen higher demand in specific micro-markets:

  • 1BHK is preferred in localities like Manjari and Kiwale
  • 2BHK has greater demand in prime markets like Wakad and Wagholi
  • 3BHK was concentrated in areas of Baner and Balewadi

A trend that has come forth upon a Q-o-Q comparison is there is greater demand for spacious homes in the mid and premium segment.

Infrastructural Development

Pune as a whole is experiencing booming infrastructural growth, but the Western and Eastern zones have raced ahead in terms of development.

West Pune

It is a bridge connecting Pune with Mumbai. It is infrastructurally rich, with a range of employment opportunities and lifestyle amenities. It has become a symbol of a cosmopolitan lifestyle, housing several trending social and cultural hotspots. A major advantage is also the employment opportunities offered here, due to proximity to businesses parks and IT hubs such as Pune IT Park.
  • Balewadi, Hinjewadi, Baner have a wide variety of restaurants like Balewadi High Street.
  • Popular retail and shopping complexes such as the Westend Mall and Xion Mall, and large-scale infrastructure like Phoenix Marketcity is under development.
  • Seamless road network, availability of public transport and connectivity with rail and air transport.
  • Leading hospitals like Jupiter and Manipal, and educational institutes like Orchid School and Symbiosis University are located in the West.

The existing and developing infrastructure base of West Pune has made it a thriving locality, and appealing for real estate investors.

East Pune

It is a major residential hotspot, due to its infrastructural offerings:

  • Koregaon Park and Kalyani Nagar are among the most popular areas for restaurants and pubs in Pune, catering to a wide range of the public.
  • Attractive retail and shopping complexes, such as Amanora Park Town add to the aspirational value of this zone.
  • A good network of highway and road connectivity, and close proximity to Pune airport
  • Booming IT and Industrial employment hub, due to developments like Weikefield IT Park, Magarpatta Cyber City etc.
  • A rich infrastructure of schools like ST. Bishop’s and St. Joseph’s, hospitals such as the Command Hospital and Jahangir, as well as gardens and gymnasiums.

All these elements have been responsible for East Pune becoming a flourishing hub for real estate.

Sustainability in Real Estate

The real estate industry has made a conscious switch towards adopting environmentally friendly construction materials, mechanisms and energy solutions. India has seen an increase of 31% across Pune and 5 other cities this year in the number of green real estate assets.

Sustainability has become the need of the hour, fueled by the increasing consumer sentiment that is demanding it. To align with these demands, properties that are resource-conservative are being developed, with elements like:

  • EV charging stations
  • Smart facades, which are designed to lower energy consumption
  • Use of environmentally safe materials

A parameter to measure the sustainability of constructions is the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) compliance. As of now, Pune has a share of 15% in the overall sum of ESG certified constructions in the country. While this is a gradual growth, the widespread consumer demand for green buildings is a driving factor for more and more constructions to align with the idea of sustainability.

Sustainability & UDCPR

Owing to the increase in awareness regarding it, sustainability has also been incorporated in the Unified Development Control and Promotion Regulations (UDCPR) 2020, wherein systems for constructions have been enumerated:

  • Solar assisted water heating
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Waste-water and solid waste management

What Does 2023 Hold for Pune Real Estate?

2022 brought Pune’s real estate market on a path of holistic growth. This upward trajectory is expected to continue, and scale greater heights in the upcoming year. The predictions of 2023 for Pune, among other cities of India, are extremely positive for the sector of residential real estate.

In the span of 2023-2024, the following milestones are expected to be achieved by Pune realty:

  • A contribution of 15% to the total sales
  • A contribution of 18% to the new launches
  • An increase of 6% in property prices, backed by the high demand

Consumer sentiment inclined towards nearing possession and ready inventory. Consumers have become more conscious of their buying pattern which makes it crucial to understand the sentiment, preference and behavior to create and market trends before any launch.

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Social Media Marketing: 7 Strategies for Real Estate Businesses

Social Media is a concept that we are all extremely familiar and comfortable with. It is a collection of interactive technology platforms that allows us to share thoughts and ideas through mediums like written words or photos, and build a social community. It has evolved over time to become more than just a means of entertainment, and has a variety of other uses too.

One of the most significant uses of social media that is being newly explored is the potential that it holds as a source of marketing. Social media is an effective medium to capture the sentiments of its countless users, and brands can use these sentiments to convey their stories and make themselves memorable for consumers. The global network of social media presently comprises 4.55 billion users, and this network can be channeled towards social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In simple terms, it is the process of using various social media platforms to advertise, market and promote goods and services. Social media provides a large platform of potential consumers for businesses, and hence it is an invaluable source for marketing.

Social media marketing can be extremely beneficial for almost every commercial activity, and real estate is no exception. Real estate social media marketing is a crucial tool for real estate agents and developers alike to showcase their various projects and services, and generate maximum leads from the large user base of such platforms. This is supported by data which has shown that 47% of real estate businesses reported generating highest quality leads through social media.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Like any other marketing strategy, real estate stakeholders who wish to explore this source of marketing must develop a cohesive plan and align their activities according to it. Here are some of the best strategies of social media marketing for realtors:

  1. The Power of Multiple Touchpoints:
  2. The phrase ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ is applicable to social media marketing, and hence choosing the right platform is essential for the success of any strategy. The term ‘social media’ includes several platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc. Hence with social media marketing, there are various touch-points which ensure that the consumers are engaged effectively. Though all these platforms are classified as social media platforms, but they are each very distinct marketing mediums in terms of:

    • The type of users active on the platforms
    • The type of content (textual, visual etc.) which is suitable for the platform

    These factors must be considered while implementing a strategy because only then will it be able to reach the target audience and engage the users.

  3. The Power of Paid Ads
  4. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a feature for running paid ads, which can boost the reach of the brand by allowing a much larger audience to view the content uploaded by the business, as compared to the organic response that it would have had. Paid ads expand the reach of social media marketing for real estate agents, and also make marketing more interactive since users can comment, share and like the content of the ads.

  5. The Power of ‘Word-of-Mouth’
  6. As the name suggests, social media marketing is reliant upon the thoughts, opinions and feelings of the users. A personalized approach to marketing will hence be highly beneficial, and this can be achieved by sharing success stories and client testimonials. This will help the business in a variety of ways such as:

    • Instilling confidence in the brand by hearing and reading positive stories of its work
    • Knowing that other prior customers have had a good experience with the brand will encourage more users to avail its services
    • The credibility of the business is enhanced by sharing real stories

  7. The Power of Informative Communication
  8. A successful strategy that can be adopted for real estate social media marketing is to make the content informative and educational for the users. Real estate is a nuanced sector, which has a lot of different aspects associated with it. For a lucrative marketing strategy, content should be created to tackle these aspects. Informative communication will have dual benefits:

    • Users will have a better understanding of the real estate sector
    • The business can create a good reputation for itself as being aware of the functioning of the sector, which will help in acquiring customers
    What is Social Media Marketing?

  9. The Power of Virtual Site Experiences:
  10. Site experience is an important aspect of any real estate sale, because it allows consumers to witness and experience the project. This will help them make informed decisions, and it is an important part of marketing. Live videos are a unique aspect of social media platforms, and it can create an engaging, interactive and enhanced site experience for users.

  11. The Power of Networking:
  12. Social media marketing for real estate agents can be helpful in networking, since connections can be formed and nurtured through interactive actions on posts, and messaging features. Direct Messages (DM’) are another way that realtors and developers can maintain contacts, and they can also encourage social media users to subscribe to emailers through social media.

  13. The Power of Consistency:
  14. One of the easiest and most effective strategies for impactful real estate social media marketing is having a structured and consistent flow of content. This allows the users to stay connected with your brand and its content, which will lead to higher engagement rates.

If the strategies mentioned above are incorporated in a marketing plan, it can lead to successful outcomes for businesses. BeyondWalls – an integrated PropTech ecosystem is an end-to-end real estate marketing company. It also provides pre-sales, sales and post-sales support, and it is the ideal partner for real estate agents and developers for all their requirements.