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How BeyondWalls Presented 57 Midtown to be a Lifestyle Everyone Dreams Of!

BeyondWalls is a digital marketing and growth agency leveraging its resources to drive tangible growth strategies for many real estate developers. Time and again the team of BeyondWalls is tasked with attaining results that may seem out of the ordinary, but its capabilities always come through. Though there are times when a challenging project comes along with interesting targets, which BeyondWalls is always eager to take head on.

One such residential project by Sonigara Group was 57 Midtown in Wakad. It offered a never-seen-before lifestyle statement to its homebuyers. Its concept was unique and the value proposition it added was something to get excited about. #LifeOnTheCurve was the central idea behind the communication, which made the relatability of the project leaner towards the audience.

The project facilitated ease of commute along with recreational avenues and conveniences right at the doorstep. 57 Midtown poised itself as an ideal project for homebuyers with amazing nightlife avenues, fine-dining, shopping, entertainment, and workplaces nearby. An enviable lifestyle in PCMC’s most bustling location, 57 Midtown’s strategic positioning in the market made it one of most sought-after residential projects in the area.

In this article, we will explore how BeyondWalls was a driver for real estate sales growth and major contributor to 57 Midtown’s growth.

Challenges 57 Midtown Faced

Like many residential projects in Wakad, 57 Midtown also had its own set of challenges that needed to be overcome in order to yield higher sales growth and targets. As a real estate marketing agency, BeyondWalls identified and addressed the following challenges:

Designing an inventory that looked premium in an otherwise mid-segment market. The project’s ticket size for the units advertised was reasonable yet it was supposed to be marketed as premium in PCMC’s growing real estate space via positioning it as a lifestyle statement.

Another challenge that was in front of the BeyondWalls team was to address the issue of the limited supply of large carpet area offered by the project. The challenge was to portray the project as premium one but with smaller carpet area units, which posed an issue in terms of lead conversions where homebuyers were looking for a greater carpet area.

Other significant challenge to be solved was positioning the project as modern yet chic, giving prospective buyers a good experience and market the project with innovative theme to attract luxury buyers.

BeyondWalls’ Approach – Project & Pricing Strategy

As per BeyondWalls’ plan of action, 57 Midtown was positioned as a whole new product that’s centered around downtown living, which extended to fashion and retail avenues nearby making it the most happening place to live in as there is Phoenix Marketcity in proximity.

3 & 4 BHK units were priced around ₹1.15 Cr. to ₹1.7 Cr.

The market average PSF rate of this residential project in Pune was ₹6,300, but with right product planning, the project was positioned at a premium with PSF rate of ₹6,700.

The concept of ‘Life on the Curve’ was introduced as a central communication in accordance with the building and facade that was designed carefully to keep lesser density in custom two towers.

The architecture was also in sync with the design to make the project stand out more.

BeyondWalls’ Solution – Go-to-market Strategy

The campaign was strategically positioned around living in an iconic tower where the homebuyers would get the feeling of living in ‘Downtown’, hence the project name was coined to be ’57 Midtown’.

A visually appealing campaign was designed to attract the luxury buyer segment where the creatives and copy were eye-catching, which invoked the desire to enquire about the project.

With the careful positioning of the project, selling 90 units out of 105 was made possible even without sample flat being ready.

The communication explicitly highlighted the ‘CURVE’ aspect of the project or the building per say in a creative way. The creatives of the project were also designed in a similar manner to reflect the essence of the core communication for maximum outreach and relatability.

The site visit experience for prospective homebuyers was made more engaging by emphasizing the curves and arches built around the project so that they can relate more and spend more time exploring the project. 

Realizing the Efforts & Achievements

A fruitful collaboration between BeyondWalls and 57 Midtown by Sonigara Group resulted in reaching some good milestones, such as:

  • Successfully sold 90 units in a month
  • Successfully generated revenue worth ₹100 Cr.
  • Successfully kept the marketing and sales cost at 3.7%

57 Midtown in Wakad is the epitome of a transformational lifestyle with its 2 & 3 BHK residences consisting of 216 units. BeyondWalls with an extensive channel partner network, its practical strategy and out of the box approach assisted 57 Midtown in achieving its sales targets with a cost-effective method and truly stood out by facilitating #LifeOnTheCurve!

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Peninsula AshokVann – A Symbol of Serenity & Urban Living

BeyondWalls is a renowned real estate marketing agency in Pune contributing to real estate sales growth for many developers across India. With its huge channel partner network, BeyondWalls has successfully provided all the necessary resources for multiple developers starting from a real estate project launch to booking conversions and even after-sales services.

So, when Peninsula Land Ltd., one of our major clients came to BeyondWalls with an objective to create high aspirational value for its project Peninsula AshokVann, we ensured that the project becomes the most appealing choice for the customers. We did this by tackling challenges with a differentiated approach to achieve effective results efficiently. Before diving into its dynamics, let’s first explore Peninsula AshokVann comprehensively.

Introducing Peninsula AshokVann

A gated plotting community amidst the scenic views of lush greenery, Peninsula AshokVannn is Situated in the prime locality of Gahunje. It is well connected to the infrastructural hub of West Pune. The project occupies a sprawling area of 19 acres, of which 8+ acres comprise open spaces. Plus, as revealed before it is developed by Peninsula Land, Ashok Piramal Group. AshokVann successfully combines the serenity of nature with an urban living experience.

Now that we have established what Peninsula Ashokvann is, let’s dive deeper into how BeyondWalls helped the project in gaining maximum outreach.

Challenges Addressed by BeyondWalls

  • Lack of Product Awareness – Peninsula AshokVann is a one-of-a-kind project that was previously unknown. To make consumers aware of the benefits of investing in it, the appropriate communication and branding strategy had to be used.
  • Lack of Urgency for CustomersPeninsula AshokVann is not a project with an immediate end-use in mind. Because it was made up of villa plots, there was no need for consumers to make a quick purchase.
  • Uncertainty of Token Conversions – There was uncertainty about the tokens secured by the project due to the strong presence of market competitors

The Go to Market Strategy Applied by BeyondWalls

  • Product Positioning – We centred the project on the ‘luxury of space’ it provides. The product positioning narrative focused on how consumers can build their dream homes on spacious lands surrounded by nature as well as modern lifestyle amenities, where value proposition, conceptualization, and extensive market research assisted us in developing the right positioning strategy.
  • Value-based Selling – We informed customers about the high value of purchasing villa plots and how it could provide a good return on investment. Creatives were created to explain how villa plots could be more cost effective than ready-to-use properties. Plot size, constructed carpet area, total price, and effective rate per sq. foot were some of the factors considered for this comparison, and calculations against each of these criteria revealed that Ashokvann’s plots had more value associated with the purchase.
  • Omni-channel Marketing & Sales – An omni-channel approach was also used, coupled with the application of various platforms. Digital remarketing, as well as OOH activation and word-of-mouth marketing, were used. The online remarketing strategy was implemented concurrently via multiple channels, including the website, email marketing, the launch of digital ads utilizing the full capabilities of the Beyondwalls real estate brokers app.
  • Channel Partner Aggregation – BeyondWalls’ extensive network of Channel Partners was used to broaden the scope of the marketing efforts. They, too, used the value-based selling approach, which made Ashokvann appealing to customers. In order to generate interest in the project, we also organized an on-site event for Channel Partners.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience – During the launch, customers had a smooth and seamless experience. IRIS, a technology platform, was used to optimize the entire booking process, which included event curation, closure tools, 360-degree virtual link generation, and Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration. All of these features contributed to a better overall customer experience. Consumers were given information about the pricing model, as well as a special launch discount.

It was evident now that with BeyondWalls intervention, Peninsula Ashokvann became a desirable and one-of-a-kind real estate opportunity thanks to the proper project positioning and marketing strategy.

Making It All Possible

BeyondWalls managed to generate leads up to 4355 out of which, 488 successful site visits were made possible from 93 tokens with over 30 successful bookings and more than 200 units were sold! In this way, people searching for residential NA plots in Pune, found their home in Peninsula Ashokvann with a sizeable contribution from the BeyondWalls team.

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Top 5 Real Estate Broker Apps in India 2024

The Indian real estate market is growing at an ever-increasing rate. With the rise of technology, more and more brokers are turning to mobile apps for their real estate needs. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top 5 real estate broker apps in India for 2024 and what advantages they offer – from price comparisons to virtual tours and more. Keep reading to discover which apps can help you take your business to the zenith of success!

The Importance of Mobile Apps for Real Estate Brokers

Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of mobile apps being used by real estate brokers in India. This is due to the fact that these apps offer a number of advantages over traditional methods of marketing and selling properties. Some of the main advantages of using real estate broker apps include the following:

    • Increased Visibility:

With so many people now using smartphones and tablets, it is important to have an online presence that potential buyers can easily access. By having a real estate broker app, you can make sure that your properties are always visible to those who are looking to purchase, and you can connect to them instantly.

    • Greater Flexibility:

One of the great things about using an app is that it allows you to be much more flexible in how you market your properties. You can update information and photos quickly and easily, and you can also target specific demographics with ease.

    • Better Customer Service:

Another advantage of using a real estate broker app is that it allows you to offer better customer service. With most apps, you can set up push notifications so that customers are alerted as soon as new listings become available. You can also use the app to answer any questions they may have about the property-buying process.

    • More Leads:

With real estate brokering, you can generate more leads than you would through traditionally marketing methods. This is because potential buyers will be able to find your properties more easily and will be able to contact you directly. You will also be able to connect to them and store core lead information easily.

Top 5 Real Estate Broker Apps in India

Now that we have understood the importance of mobile apps for brokers, let’s dive into the top 5 apps that are changing how brokers navigate the real estate industry.

1. BeyondWalls Brokers App

BeyondWalls Brokers App

Being India’s leading integrated PropTech ecosystem, BeyondWalls Brokers app for real estate agents has transformed its tech-driven platform into an easy-to-use mobile app offering end-to-end services to real estate brokers.

The app couples a seamless user experience with its distinctive features to empower brokers to sell more and grow their businesses. Custom lead form fields, robust data capturing, on-time notifications & reminders keep brokers on their toes and let them know what’s hottest in the city and what’s trending, all the while enjoying high incentives and timely payouts. Known as SuperBrokers, BeyondWall’s connected channel partner network also get marketing collaterals, tips and tricks, and rewards & recognition from the firm’s marketing division at no additional cost.

2. Broker Network

Broker Network

Designed to be a suite of services for brokers, the Broker Network acts as a bridge that connects brokers with properties and brokers with buyers. The app features a new launch feature that allows brokers to know about upcoming projects and get in touch with the developer through the app.

The app has all the features brokers look for, including posting the property, real estate project launch, adding the team to the organization, securing leads, chatting with customers, special offers, invitations to exclusive events, CP meets, and more.

3. Magnet Real Estate Broker App

Magnet Real Estate Broker App

A new real estate broker app in the industry, Magnet, was introduced to the real estate realm in 2019, taking on existing prominent players in CRM, lead management, and the real estate channel partner business network. Centred around the growing needs of real estate agents and businesses, Magnet has come out as a 360-degree technology solution covering all the real estate brokering needs.

The app supports real estate brokers with the following:

  • Technology: All the capabilities of a real estate CRM software fused with modern technology
  • Faster Pay-outs: A stress-free business opportunity for brokers with good customer support and timely pay-outs.
  • Higher Commission: Creating a win-win solution with a higher commission slab
  • Support: A seasoned team at the helm of supporting brokers
  • Magnetshala: Tips & tricks to grow their business.

4. PropertyPistol Syndicate

PropertyPistol Syndicate

The PropertyPistol Syndicate is a modern tech-based platform designed with the brokers’ needs in mind to simplify the selling process. PropertyPistol presents a new app-based networking platform, a tool that updates you with the right information and helps you generate quick revenue. Here’s what Syndicate real estate broker app offers:

  • Complete control: 360-degree history of leads
  • Alerts & reminders: Necessary for follow-ups and action items
  • Real-time updates: For real-time needs of the customers
  • Customized listing: Client-specific listing creation ability
  • Transparency: Real-time updates from developers and clients
  • Access to a powerful network: Being a part of the Syndicate ecosystem

5. Propliv Agent

Propliv Agent

The Propliv Agent platform was specifically designed for Real Estate Agents in India to connect with each other. It helps real estate brokers generate more leads and business opportunities by connecting you with top developers, builders, investors, and owners across the country.

Here are some of the top features of the real estate broker app:

  • Access to the real estate inventory
  • Alerts and notifications for new properties
  • Ability to search as per client’s requirements
  • Record site visit experience
  • Handsome commissions and incentives

In Conclusion:

Real estate brokerage apps have become a lifesaver for real estate agents and buyers alike. These apps provide numerous advantages as compared to manual methods, such as efficiency, convenience and ease of use. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right real estate broker app for your business in India this 2024.

Real estate brokers can use India’s integrated PropTech mobile app- BeyondWalls Brokers apps for real estate agents, to seamlessly grow their business with the hottest projects, high incentives, timely pay-outs, and the largest channel partner network.

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Real Estate Market 2023 by Vikram Kotnis, Exec. Chairman & MD

After Russia-Ukraine war, the world collectively saw a downfall of $17 Trillion; 20% of the global output India is among the top 5 countries contributing to this loss and this may lead to a further increase in fuel and food prices. 1/3rd of global economy is in Recession. Globally, central banks have increased interest rates with an aim to reduce inflation. The housing interest rates in India have increased from an average of 6.5% to 8.75%.

The increase in interest rates along with uncertainty in jobs has made homebuyers confused on making any purchase decision. The property prices have already increased by almost 15% in most of the urban markets like Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. There was almost no effect or say of UDCPR in this price increase.

  • Property Price Trends – Pune
Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

(*The rates mentioned above are all inclusive rates)

The overall cost of home ownership has increased by almost 58% compared to 2019. Besides that the possession dates have moved ahead by 3 years after RERA, i.e the possession that buyer would generally get within 3-4 years, would now get after 5-6 years.

Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

Although, the demand in mid to premium segment is still intact and the momentum for listed large developers with projects in prime localities and with larger carpet is good. Decision making of the buyer with buying capacity is zeroed down to the brand value, prime location and bigger homes.

The projects in this category of pricing and location will sell but the buyer is not desperate and would not take any decision until he finds the right deal.

What are Home Buyers Saying?

Our research team spoke to over 150 homebuyers to understand their current mood.

  • 86.7% people say the increase in interest rate is affecting their buying decision
  • 62.3% people are waiting for economic condition to stabilize before they make any purchase
  • 25% of the homebuyers have postponed their homebuying decision

 The interest rate may even touch a double digit number in 2023.

Before the situation worsens, it is extremely crucial for developers to manage their cashflows.

The hottest selling micro markets of Pune for eg. – Baner, Balewadi and Wakad, have started seeing drop in real estate sales since July 2022 to the tune of almost 19%; which is indicative of the homebuyer’s sentiment. The developers with right pricing and locality are able to sell, making it a buyer’s market.

Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

The sales trends in hottest micromarkets show a drop in sales after September 2022. There are 1.09 Lac unsold apartments in Pune alone out of which 80,000 are under construction and 28,000 are ready to move in. While there is demand to purchase, there is no desperation and buyer is ready to wait until they get the right deal.

Managing funds to fuel each stage of the project is critical for Developers. Developers need to ensure availability of construction funds so as to de-risk the project. Based on the inventory and sales velocity, developers also need to absorb 50% of their next quarter’s targets into the current one and open up all the channels for widening their top of the funnel. The target should be to sell 35% of inventory to de-risk the project, not to sign any resource-intensive JV and wait it out till the market stabilizes.

Regarding pricing, instead of having a profit-first approach (increasing the price), developers should take a cashflow first approach and stagger their pricing to maintain sales velocity. Market may further dip by 6-7%, this should be kept in mind while taking any big decisions on projects.