Breaking Down the Real Estate Budget 2023

Author: Riddhi Gadhiya
real estate budget 2023

The Union Budget 2023 has drawn up measures of growth and progress that will impact various industries, including the real estate sector. The finance minister presented the fifth Union Budget, announcing the foundations of Amrit Kaal – a 25-year lead-up from 75 years of to 100 years of Independence that was announced last year. The Budget 2023 has set a positive roadmap with a promising growth outlook for the real estate market in India, focusing on urban planning and sustainable growth.

In this blog, we will analyze the impact of the Union Budget 2023 on the Indian real estate sector and discuss the favorable measures announced that will benefit the industry.

Key Takeaways from the Real Estate Budget 2023

The Budget 2023 has highlighted several measures that will impact real estate development in India. Experts have given mixed opinions on the budget’s impact, but the favorable measures announced have drawn attention to India’s real estate services industry. The followings are the key takeaways from the budget and their impact on real estate:
  • Economic Boosters

The Budget 2023 has focused on economic boosters to revive the growth of the Indian real estate sector. It has announced tax relief measures and additional funding for infrastructure development. The budget has also focused on economic boosters, including measures to increase exports, create new jobs, and enhance the startup ecosystem. The budget has announced Rs. 5.54 lakh crore allocation for the infrastructure sector, which is expected to support economic growth and create more business opportunities. These measures are expected to witness real estate growth in India, as it relies heavily on economic growth.

  • Emphasis on Urban Planning in Tier 2 And Tier 3 Cities

The budget has emphasized urban planning in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, boosting real estate development in these areas. The government’s focus on developing these cities will lead to better infrastructure, attracting more investments in the real estate sector.

The government has allocated funds for the development of smart cities, affordable housing schemes, and infrastructural development in these regions. Moreover, the government has increased the allocation for the PMAY-U scheme by almost 66% to Rs 79,000 crores in the Union Budget 2023. This is expected to boost the overall Indian real estate sector and attract more investment.

  • Emphasis on Affordable Housing

The budget has announced several measures to promote the implementation of affordable housing schemes in India. The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) has been extended, and additional funding has been allocated. This affordable housing scheme will provide reasonable housing to millions of Indians. PMAY houses are a crucial aspect of this scheme, and the government has made efforts to ensure the completion of the remaining 1.5 crores of PMAY houses. Therefore, the real estate industry is expected to benefit from the increased demand for affordable housing.

  • Assisting Cities with Municipal Bonds

The budget has announced that the government will assist cities in issuing municipal bonds to raise funds for infrastructure development in India. The government has increased the limit for the issuance of such bonds significantly. This measure will attract more investment in the Indian real estate sector, as better infrastructure will lead to higher property prices. It would significantly impact the Indian real estate sector, as improved infrastructure will increase demand for real estate in these cities.

  • Update on Infrastructural Development

The Budget 2023 has allocated additional funds for infrastructure development in India, which is expected to boost the real estate industry. Better roads, airports, and railways will improve connectivity and attract investment in the Indian real estate sector.

The government has allocated Rs 5.54 lakh crore for infrastructure development, which includes Rs. 1.97 lakh crore for the development of National Highways. The use of prop-tech and real estate services will be a crucial factor in developing infrastructure projects, and organizations, such as Beyondwalls, are expected to play a crucial role in this development.

  • Ease of Doing Business

The budget has announced several measures to ease the process of doing business in India. Simplifying the GST process and other tax reliefs will encourage investment in the Indian real estate sector. The government has announced that the filing of returns will be simplified, and the registration process for new businesses will be made easier.

The government has also proposed reducing the time for obtaining construction permits to fewer days, which will help reduce the time taken for project approvals. Real estate proptech and a  real estate marketing agency like Beyondwalls will be able to provide faster and more efficient services to developers, which will help in improving the ease of doing business in the Indian real estate sector.


The Union Budget 2023 has set an optimistic roadmap for the real estate industry. The favorable measures announced will boost the industry and promote sustainable real estate growth in India. The emphasis on affordable housing and urban planning in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities is expected to attract more investment in the real estate sector.

The government’s focus on infrastructure development in India and ease of business will also benefit the industry. The Budget 2023 has laid the foundation for the growth and development of the real estate industry in India, which can be enhanced by using real estate sales and marketing.

As a leading real estate marketing agency, Beyondwalls is well-equipped to provide innovative solutions and protect developers’ services, helping them navigate these changes and grow their businesses. If you want to leverage the benefits of the Union Budget 2023 and grow your real estate business, reach out to Beyondwalls for a comprehensive range of  real estate sales and marketing solutions today!


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