Overview of Real Estate Sales in Collaboration with Channel Partners/Brokers

Author: Riddhi Gadhiya
Real Estate Sales and Channel Partners

In modern times, real estate sales are usually streamlined by the cooperation of various players in the market. And one such association is between real estate developers and channel partners or brokers- this is why in recent years, real estate sales in partnership with brokers and channel partners have achieved enormous popularity in India.

These associations help to bring together purchasers and sellers, allowing them to make informed choices regarding the purchase or sale of real estate properties. Moreover, when this happens, the developers get access to a broader client base, and the channel partners can gain a commission on every deal they facilitate. Keep reading the article below to learn more about the real estate sales process in collaboration with channel partners and brokers.

Advantages of Collaboration between Real Estate Developers and Channel Partners/Brokers

The cooperation between real estate developers and brokers or channel partners presents several advantages to both parties. For developers, channel partners assist them in reaching a wider audience and inducing more sales. In addition, channel partners and brokers greatly comprehend the market and can provide useful insights to developers on customer preferences and trends.

Moreover, for channel partners and brokers, working with real estate developers provides them access to a diverse range of properties to market. They also make a commission on every deal they perform, which can be a considerable source of income. Below are some benefits of buying a property with channel partners or brokers.

  • RERA Approved Properties

One of the most considerable benefits of working with a channel partner or broker is the guarantee of getting RERA-approved properties. RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act) is a regulatory institution that guarantees transparency and responsibility in the real estate sector. In addition, RERA-approved properties guarantee customers that they are investing in genuine and legal property.

  • Site Visits and Project Demos According to Your Demand

One of the principal functions of a channel partner or broker is to organize site visits and project demos as per the customer’s demand. These demos and site visits help customers better understand the property’s features. It also allows customers to evaluate the property’s location and proximity to significant amenities such as hospitals, schools, and shopping centers.

  • Discounts and Best Deals

Brokers and channel partners have access to an extensive  channel partner network of developers and property owners. This network allows them to offer buyers exclusive discounts and the most profitable deals available in the market. These discounts and deals can help customers save substantial funds for real estate sales and marketing.

  • Scouting the Finest Location for You

Eventually, channel partners and brokers have a vast understanding of the real estate market and can help buyers determine the most suitable location for their investment. They consider aspects such as location preferences, buyer’s budget, and future development prospects to scout the most suitable location for their customers.

  • Offering End-to-End Real Estate Service

Channel partners and brokers deliver end-to-end real estate marketing services to their customers, like website assistance and access to a real estate broker app. They assist customers with everything from property selection to legal formalities and documentation. This assistance guarantees customers make informed choices and have a hassle-free buying experience.

How do Channel Partners and Brokers Work with Real Estate Developers?

Real estate developers work with brokers and channel partners in numerous ways. They could sign an exclusive contract with a channel partner, which provides the partner with sole rights to market their properties. Furthermore, they could work with considerable channel partners and brokers, letting them compete with each other to market properties. In addition, the role of channel partners and brokers is to perform sales and generate leads for developers.

They employ different marketing strategies to reach potential clients, including social media, digital, and offline marketing. They also arrange events and exhibitions to showcase properties and draw buyers. Once a customer is interested in a real estate property, the broker or channel partner will schedule a site visit and help the customer purchase. They will also support the customer in obtaining legal documentation, financing, and other services required to complete the deal.


In a nutshell, cooperation between real estate developers and channel partners/brokers is essential to real estate sales. It helps both parties and assists in expanding developers’ reach while providing channel partners and brokers with access to an expansive range of properties to market. And with the right association, developers and channel partners/brokers can make a powerful team that can improve sales and earnings in the real estate market.


1. Who are channel partners in real estate?

Real estate channel partners facilitate property transactions by acting as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. They possess in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry and the local market, enabling them to provide valuable insights to both parties.

2. What percentage of sales comes through a channel partner in real estate?

The percentage of sales that come through a channel partner in real estate can vary, but on average it is around 10-15%. However, this can depend on the specific market and region.

3. How do channel partners work in real estate?

In the Indian real estate industry, channel partners are intermediaries who connect property developers with potential buyers. They act as a bridge between the two parties and help streamline the sales process.

4. Why channel partners are important in real estates ?

Channel partners play a crucial role in the real estate market in India. They act as intermediaries between the developers and the customers, helping both parties to achieve their goals.


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