Real Estate Video Marketing: A Complete Guide for 2023

Date: October 18, 2022
Author: Riddhi Gadhiya
Real Estate Video Marketing: A Complete Guide for 2023

Buying a real estate property is a complex, time-consuming process and involves a lot of research. There are many sources to undergo the same research. Erstwhile, marketing for real estate was done with business cards, flyers, and window signs. It is not just enough now. You need to have a presence in the digital world with the right kind of information that your target audience requires.

Video marketing has gained recent popularity, and brands are considering it as this strategy has proven to be highly successful.

Real estate video marketing has a way of gripping its audience. Almost 94% of marketers have admitted how video marketing helped them improve their brand visibility. This is because of the inherent nature of human beings. We are very inclined to visual storytelling, and the ways the characters emote to it are relatable to us. This is why it is easier for the audience at large to consume videos. This makes it a glowing opportunity for marketers to enter in and use video marketing to improve their conversation rates and get direct real estate sales.

In this piece of content, we talk about all the prospects that you can dive into for crafting a niche for yourself in the digital space in an authentic way.

Types of Marketing Videos for Real Estate

The first thing you need to keep in mind while doing property video marketing is the USP of your project. You can use various options for reaching different sects of your audience, but primarily remember what makes it a sale for them:

1. Influencer Walkthroughs: People are more likely to follow the opinion of someone that they look up to. An influencer with a hold over your target base shall be tagged into walking through the property you want to sell. Have them showcase USP features in property video marketing.

2. Sample Flat Walkthroughs: When your sample flat is ready, have a video walkthrough with your audience and post it on your social. Inform them about the benefits the property offers in your video. 

3. 3D Walkthroughs: These walkthroughs are a tad bit more modern. They give a virtual tour of the place to your audience in 3D and can cover any structure provided with an internet facility. This will help your audience decide first base if they want to move forward with the property or not.

4. Video Mapping: You can undergo projection mapping and make the everyday objects into interesting plots. This is a dramatic technique of making a customized display for your property

5. Testimonials Videos: You can record the reviews that you have received from your previous clients and assemble them into a video form on your social platform. This will create a trust factor for your audience and will effectively convert potential buyers into buyers.

  • Analyze Your Audience
  • Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

    The fortemost thing you need to do is to identify your target audience. Gauge the market and gauge the buyer’s persona that you can fill in. check in their real estate needs and then craft a property marketing video for the same audience.

    You can find your audience by researching deeper into your existing pool of customers. You can study their background and behavioral traits to find out everything you need to know about your buyer’s persona.

  • Prepare Your Script
  • For accurate real estate video marketing, you must prepare your script beforehand. Make sure that it does not come across as too ‘salesy’. Use the right bits of information and put a call-to-action content bit when necessary.

    You can add your personal experience to becoming a realtor if you are a realtor. You can also involve some of the work you have done in the past and show your happy clients. This will build a trust factor with your potential customers. Consider including all these things in your script, and make sure to hone it well before going on record.

  • Record High-Quality Content
  • Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

    If you want to succeed with real estate video marketing, it’s important to record high-quality content. This means using a good camera and microphone and recording in a well-lit environment. It’s also important to edit your videos well so that they’re concise and easy to watch.

    People want to watch videos that are informative and entertaining. Your videos should be both of these things. They should offer viewers valuable information about the real estate market, and they should be filmed in an engaging way. It’s also important to upload your videos to a popular video-sharing platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo. This will help ensure that your videos get seen by a wide audience.

    By following these tips, you can produce high-quality real estate video content that will engage and inform viewers.

  • Showcase Your USPs
  • Over time by staying in business, you will figure out the main selling points you can leverage. Video marketing for real estate agents should have the USPs they are good with. List everything you are good at and craft it creatively in short videos.

  • Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle
  • Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

    Do not sell a home; sell a lifestyle. Create aspirational videos. Add emotions to it. If you are planning to invest in digital marketing for real estate in India, you must add a heavy dose of emotional content to your video. It also remains true, as people pay more attention to emotions than information.

  • Record Concise Videos
  • In the end, remember to keep the videos as short as possible. The only reason videos work is because they are an exciting alternative to lengthy texts. So, try to keep your videos as short as possible.


You can follow a list of the above-mentioned tips and hacks to dive into real estate video marketing. Be sure to put in enough research that is well backed by your client’s history. Use the correct mediums for communicating these videos. Choose the right kind of content strategy and make the right choice for the social media platforms that you choose to share your content with the world.

Riddhi Gadhiya

Riddhi Gadhiya is a dynamic and accomplished Brand Architect specialised in Performance Marketing, currently contributing her expertise in the field of PropTech at BeyondWalls. With over 7 years of experience, Riddhi has established herself as a solution-focused and result-oriented digital marketing professional, garnering praise for her exceptional performance and track record of proven results.

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Your article helped me a lot, thanks for the information. As we know video marketing has gained recent popularity, and brands are considering it as this strategy has proven to be highly successful.

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Video marketing has gained recent popularity, and brands are considering it as this strategy has proven to be highly successful. Real estate video marketing has a way of gripping its audience with almost 94% of marketers have admitted how video marketing helped them improve their brand visibility.