57 Elevate


Aishwaryam By Essen, Sanskruti Developers, Avneesh Realty



Key Challenges:

Launching a new tower in a previously delivered project “Shonest Towers”. The product was to be positioned as a luxury offering close to the upcoming Phoenix Marketcity. The key challenges included the approach road and the new-to-market puzzle mechanical parking system. While keeping the challenges in mind, the target was to sell 50% of the sanctioned inventory right on the launch date.

Sales specific challenges

There were multiple questions in regard to the unit plans for particular series as the design had excess lobby space. Another concern the sales experienced was the acceptance of puzzle mechanical parking which is a new concept in Pune.

Our approach and strategy


To reposition the new plot, it was marketed and designed as a separate entity, “57 Elevate”. The location was harped on, and maximum weightage was given to the lifestyle that was being offered. To appeal to the millennial buyer segment, the communication had the tonality and wordplay suggestive of the elite living experience. The communication was broken up into 2 phases – Teaser & Launch.

The teaser creative was done to establish the location. Communication via digital and outdoor media was pushed and ensured a massive response from direct buyers & channel partners.

The launch communication was essentially a summation of the project in 3 words – “High on Life”. The location, the amenities, the design, – all of them combine to give you an exhilarating experience.


The teaser phase included collection of EOIs (Regular/ Express) from the visitors. The strategy was to push customers to reserve the unit of their choice with an express EOI. The same was ensured by the collection of over 130 Express tokens and 45 Normal tokens.

Demonstrative videos of puzzle parking and previous successful implementation were showcased with the modern tech-savvy living angle. EOI collection was accelerated with urgent creation methods.

The launch event had special perks like no negotiation discounted pricing, no floor rise/PLC.


Teaser Ad Creatives:

Launch Ad Creatives:

Sales flow and execution

  1. The EOI collection was initiated 4 months prior to launch. Channel partner aggregation & training along with digital and outdoor campaigns were initiated aggressively and 100+ weekly site visit flow was established.
  2. A Channel Partner Gathering to educate channel partners about the project was organized along with a celebrity appearance, a music concert & a special message from the developer.
  3. The pricing strategy was spot on, making the product the best value-for-money deal in the market. Urgency was created using no PLC, no Floor rise and a surprise launch discount.
  4. On successful collection of 175+ tokens, a grand launch event was organized where the token holders were invited to witness the project for the first time. The focus was on CX & urgency creation with herd mentality. No-negotiation policy was implemented to reduce conversion cycle time which ensured successful crowd management.
  5. The result was a successful launch with over 150 bookings and a conversion ratio of 85%
₹69 Lac
Site Visits
100 Cr+
Marketing Cost
4 months
Time frame