For Increased Lead Generation And Home Bookings With Advertisement Variations

Tata New Haven Bengaluru Study

Being Bengaluru’s first green township, TATA New Haven offered the customers a chance to live a serene life accompanying a premium lifestyle. The township provided the perfect blend of luxury and functionality at a location set to become one of Bengaluru’s highlights in the coming years.


One of the most struggled projects of TATA Realty


Current campaigns and strategies providing inadequate number of leads


Minimal number of sales and project awareness in the initial days


Instability of the campaign in generating interest towards the customers


By revamping the strategy and optimising the campaign via a comprehensive approach, BeyondWalls brought in variations with respect to creatives, copy, targeting, and platforms. The revamped strategy introduced variations that cancelled out outliers and averaged out the results to bring stability to campaigns.

The variations in the campaign were made on three major fronts, i.e.,
Restricted Text Conversation, Selective Creative Content, and Video Engagement.

Restricted Text-based

The marketing creatives had only 20% of text and relied on visual representation to increase CTRs and lead flow. The strategy improved the relevancy of qualification.

Selective Creative

The marketing creatives carried copy variations with respect to the content. Variations were made on diverse aspects, including USP of the project, customer interest, customer affordability, and customers’ lifestyle & location advantages.


Variations were made on video engagement aspects to increase the awareness of the project among the different sets of audiences based on relevant results.

The Facebook campaign was further optimised for each ad set, removing the other advertisements’ weaknesses enhancing the targeting mixture.

The graphical-based linear regression models were used in optimising the campaigns, which were created using data studio for 10 min campaign analysis and data-driven solutions.

Behind the results

Account Handling & Strategy:
Kaustubh Gomase

Leads Delivered At A Cpl Of 637
Qualification From Facebook Only