About Aishwaryam Abhimaan

Spanning 1.75 acres, Aishwaryam Abhimaan features four towers, comprising premium yet affordable 1 & 2 BHK residences under the PPP-PMAY scheme. ​


Moshi, PCMC  | 


1 & 2 BHK’s starting at Rs. 28.9 Lacs

About Developer: Aishwaryam by Essen

Aishwaryam Group proudly pioneers affordable housing in PCMC through the exclusive implementation of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY) scheme under Public Private Partnership (PPP). With a vast 30-acre land parcel in Moshi, they’ve already delighted over 2200 families with their landmark project, Aishwaryam Hamara.

The Landmark Location: Moshi, Pune​

This locale, situated amidst PCMC’s premier attractions including Talawade IT Park, Chakan’s automotive sector, and Bhosari MIDC’s manufacturing prowess, and other facilities healthcare and educational insitutes, it has emerged as the epitome of desirability. ​

Key Challenges


Audience Engagement & Reach: Engaging the audience and extending reach as Moshi has a competitive landscape​


Buyer Journey Delays: Verifying PMAY eligibility and clearing documentation delayed buyer journey​


Loan Sanctioning: The loan sanction process faced setbacks due to low CIBIL scores​


Choosing Under-Construction Projects: Convincing TG to opt for an under-construction project​


Highlighting Location Significance: Emphasizing Moshi’s pivotal role as the growth epicenter of PCMC ​



Our Approach

To position Aishwaryam Abhimaan as a premium yet affordable project and create brand awareness

Marketing Strategy​

  1. Concept Development: Crafting a compelling narrative to showcase the unparalleled benefits of affordable housing, leading to the creation of the “Moshi Ki Super-Saver Lottery” concept.​

  2. Branding: Establishing awareness through targeted Facebook Reach, Frequency Campaigns, and Google Display ads.​

  3. Implementation Methods: Employing a blend of online and offline marketing tactics, including hoardings, bus shelter advertisements, leaflet branding, and radio ads.​

Lead Generation​

  1. Platforms Utilized: Leveraging Facebook and Google campaigns, incorporating geo-fencing and audience research.​

  2. Strategic Analysis: Conducting thorough analysis of search volume on Google to gauge market interest, targeting the age demographic of 28-55.​

  3. Remarketing: Employing remarketing techniques to reinforce brand recall.

  4. Celebrity Endorsements: Enlisting celebrity endorsements, including Shashank Ketkar and Priya Marathe, to enhance brand sentiment.​

  5. Cultural Sensitivity: Opting for Marathi celebrities with Hindi scripting to cater to the diverse linguistic preferences of the audience,​

Presales Strategy

  1. Presales Operation: Presales operations played a pivotal role in the sales funnel, impacting customer visits and conversions.​

  2. Skill Development: Equipping the presales team with effective objection-handling techniques. It helped in meeting weekly targets.​

  3. Call Management: With an average of 300 calls per telecaller daily, the presales team consistently met call quotas.​

  4. Collaboration with Marketing: Close coordination with the marketing team resulted in enhanced conversion rates and improved campaign effectiveness.

Sales Strategy​

  1. PMAY and PPP Benefits: The sales team communicated the advantages of the PMAY and PPP schemes with a benefits of up to Rs 2.5 Lacs*​

  2. Facilitating Bank Connections: The team facilitated connections between customers and bankers to determine PMAY scheme eligibility.​

  3. Collaboration with CRM Team: Collaborating with the CRM team, sales personnel managed documentation efficiently.​

  4. Seamless Coordination: Leveraging Sell.do for visit tagging and digital enquiry form implementation, the sales team ensured smooth data management.

Content Strategy​

  1. Defining Goals and Objectives: The Creative Team meticulously defined objectives and desired outcomes.​

  2. SEO & Keyword Strategy: A robust SEO strategy was developed to enhance search visibility and drive organic traffic​

  3. Innovative Brainstorming: From teaser to launch phase, creative team devised communication that resonated with the target audience​

  4. Determining the Content Types: From social media videos, to celebrity endorsement communication, the team identified the content to maximize interaction.​

  5. Channel and Format Selection: A strategic blend of online and offline channels was chosen for optimal audience reach. ​

Creative Strategy​

Look & Feel of the Creatives​

  1. Outdoor Campaign: Vibrant hues and dynamic designs were employed to captivate the attention of audiences ​

  2. Digital Campaign: Consistency in color schemes across digital platforms maintained brand recall. ​

Event Promotion Strategy​

  • The team organized a grand launch event for token holders at Seasons Hall.

  • The event witnessed a footfall of over 200+ customers.

  • The design theme of the campaign creatives was carried forward in the event decor adding a recall-value.

Sales Flow and Execution:​

  • A dedicated team of 6 sales managers accomplished a milestone of securing over 250 tokens within a span of 2 months.​

  • Through diligent sales follow-ups, nearly every revisit resulted in a token reservation, culminating in the conversion of over 250 tokens out of 1300+ visits prior to the launch.​

  • A record-breaking 175+ bookings set a new benchmark for success in Moshi.​

Marketing Cost