27th Anniversary, 27 Exciting Offers, 27 Days of Celebration

Akshaya Pvt. Ltd. celebrated its 27th Anniversary and the said campaign was curated along these lines to commemorate the event promoting multiple projects by the developer ranging from themed homes and villa plots.

Akshaya Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1995 under the leadership of Mr. T. Chitty Babu, a qualified Civil Engineer. Ever since its inception, the company has set high standards for itself thereby doing justice to its Sanskrit originated name that translates to ‘endless pursuit’.

Akshaya Pvt. Ltd. has grown to become one of the most renowned real estate developers in India known for its transparent business practices and innovation. It has observed a successfully journey in the past 27 years creating 170+ landmarks and 6000+ happy customers across Tamil Nadu.

The Challenges


Catering to multiple projects to the same target audience in the similar geographical location


Delivering individual project leads from an Umbrella campaign


Enticing the saturated target audience observing the same 10-year-old campaigns


Maintaining balance between CPL & CPQL with high qualification ratio including individual targets for homes & plots


Continuous alterations in communication collaterals along with budget limitations


High competition from local channel partners (brokers)



  • Systematic implementation of a variety of strategies to lower competition via detailed communication
  • Obtaining useful information from market surveys and related sources
  • Capturing target audiences' attention with an array of offers


  • Running a comprehensive campaign
  • Leveraging data from the existing market conditions
  • Analyzing consumer buying behavior
  • Competitor analysis and review
  • Testing multiple communication strategies
  • Running test ad sets across channels
  • Ensuring adequate lead velocity & quality


  • Ideation of 'The 27-27-27 Sale' concept and its rightful positioning across channels
  • Creating urgency amidst the prospects mind by conveying a limited period opportunity
  • Relaying emotional benefits of the offers to obtain higher and faster conversions
  • Leveraged the same UNIT communication across all the collaterals to increase recall value for enhanced outreach


Testing Umbrella against Individual campaigns.

Umbrella vs individual Results Reach Freq. Cost per result Amount spent (INR) Impressions CPM Link clicks CPC Clicks (all)
Individual 191 138863 2 818 156165 298333 523 1806 86 3922
Umbrella 354 248933 2 717 253725 584274 434 3796 67 6564

The link CPC for the Umbrella campaigns seemed lower due to addition of multiple projects of varying configurations which can entice a wider TG as compared to the individual campaigns.

The CPL for Umbrella campaigns was 12.35% lower than individual campaigns which suggests improved engagement of in the middle of the funnel.

The frequency for both the campaigns was at 2 with the same TG, but the improved TOFU metrics of Umbrella campaign suggests efficiency in catering to the required number of leads.


  • Deploying Umbrella campaigns to minimize internal competition by sibling projects of the brand
  • Deploying individual campaign with A/B testing to avoid overlap with internal competition
  • Enhancing the communication collaterals to keep the target audience interested
  • Strategic selection of digital platforms of high velocity and specific targeting of location and prospects including interest bifurcation on the basis of homes and plots
  • Optimizing high performing ad sets while creating test ad sets to accommodate the iterations
  • Maintaining regional communication & linguistic approach to establish a competitive edge over the channel partners’ approach


5.7 L
12 M
5.7 K
Qualified Leads
Qualification Ratio