About Amanora Park Town

Amanora Park Town, an illustrious integrated township located in Pune, Maharashtra, stands as a testament to excellence with a remarkable record of achievements. Spanning over approximately 400 acres, this pioneering township has earned over 300 prestigious awards and is home to more than 30,000 delighted residents.

About Arbano Towers

Amanora Arbano Towers is a future-ready residential development located within the expansive Amanora Park Town in Hadapsar, Pune. This project offers a wide range of apartment configurations, from 1 BHK to 4.5 BHK, catering to diverse lifestyles. With its four iconic 33-storey towers, Arbano Towers embodies the essence of modern urban living, offering the perfect balance of city conveniences, relaxation, and exploration.



Hadapsar is a competitive real estate market with numerous developers vying for the attention of homebuyers. Standing out in a crowded marketplace can be challenging.


Projects often face pressure to offer competitive pricing and attractive payment plans to stay competitive. This can impact the campaign metrics.


Maintaining CPLs and CPQLs and delivering targeted lead numbers as per expectations.


  • Wide Target Group Inclusion: Arbano Towers adopted an inclusive approach by catering to a broad target group. This inclusive strategy was designed to provide a diverse range of housing options, ranging from 1 to 4 BHK units, with prices starting as low as 65 Lacs and going up till 2.5 Cr*
  • Tailored Creatives: To stand out in Hadapsar’s competitive real estate market, we ensured that our creative materials resonated effectively with our target audience. The messaging and visuals were meticulously crafted to align with the preferences and aspirations of our potential buyers.
  • “Urban at Heart” Tagline: The tagline “Urban at Heart” was chosen purposefully to establish a meaningful connection with our audience. It conveys a sense of urban living, which appeals to both young individuals (aged 25-35) and older adults (aged 35-65), emphasizing that their hearts beat to an urban rhythm. The look and feel of the website were also urban considering our theme for the campaigns.
  • Geographical Targeting: Our marketing efforts extended beyond Hadapsar, reaching out to key metropolitan areas like Pune and Mumbai. Additionally, we strategically targeted the NRI audience, recognizing their interest in luxury, convenience, and reliable real estate investment opportunities.
  • Luxury and Convenience: Arbano Towers aimed to meet the desires of homebuyers seeking luxury and convenience. Our offerings were meticulously designed to fulfill the aspirations of those looking for a premium lifestyle in their homes or considering real estate as a lucrative investment.
  • Amanora Park Town Legacy: Arbano Towers proudly inherits its legacy from Amanora Park Town, India’s pioneering and fully functional township. This legacy is a testament to the trust and satisfaction of over 30,000 delighted residents who have chosen Amanora Park Town as their home. It made an appealing choice for prospective buyers who valued trustworthiness in their real estate investments

Campaign Execution

  • We successfully generated enthusiasm within our target audience through a CPC model and adeptly executed advanced tactics such as remarketing, lookalike, and similar audience campaigns.
  • Our primary goal was to proficiently convey the project’s Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) to potential buyers, ensuring they recognized the substantial value that Arbano Towers offered.
  • We acknowledged the significance of nurturing the audience generated at the top of the funnel. Based on the feedback we had, we employed strategic remarketing and lookalike campaigns to re-engage with them, further solidifying their interest in our project.
  • Additionally, our lead generation endeavors have been ongoing, marked by a focus on cost-effectiveness through meticulous monitoring of Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Qualified Lead (CPQL) metrics.
  • At Amanora Arbano Towers, we have executed these steps with dedication, consistently delivering an outstanding digital experience and effectively showcasing the project’s remarkable features and advantages.

Platforms used for the campaigns

  • Facebook Leadgen/Newsfeed
  • Google Campaigns
  • E-Sakal
  • Hindustan Times
Leads generated in 60 days
Rs. 1000
Cost per Lead
Digital bookings in 60 days