Generating leads with a focus on a specific geographic area of 3Kms radius.

Aurum Instahome is a unique venture that works towards making the buying and selling of properties quick and simple. It leverages the power of digitization and data to offer accurate and instant valuation of property prices.

The Challenges

Numerous difficulties confront Aurum Instahome campaigns.


Despite only being available in Kharghar, a new product is infiltrating the market of well-known and dominant rivals.


Finding audience/homeowners with the intent to sell their home.


Maximum lead generation from a small audience size of 12k to 15k people.


Identifying homeowners having intent to sell their house.


In order to achieve our objective, we started with the market research to analyze the target audience in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. To find audience having an intend/ mindset to sell a home itself is a challenging part, as selling a home is a big decision of life and people can sell it in different situations such as in the need of emergency funds, relocating or upgrading lifestyle. Reaching out with a new product in a market crowded with formidable rivals like NoBroker, Broker Network, etc. Using several buyer personas and the solution we are offering; we have had to raise awareness of and educate the public about our product.


We needed to reach people who were interested in real estate and real estate services and who also had homes or other properties they could resell. We had to limit our target to those who were eager to purchase or sell new houses, such as builders, brokers, and channel partners. Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, was our main target area (hardly 3Kms radius). We planned to target Kharghar first before expanding to the rest of Mumbai and later Pan India, once the product’s AI was fully ready to launch.


  • The communication approach was based on the different solutions that were being provided to the target audience such as
    • Most accurate prices
    • Data-driven valuation
    • lowest TAT – Within 2 weeks
    • Instant full Payment
    • Zero Hassles
  • We spoke about how AURUM INSTAHOME is easy to use and tried to highlight a situation and solution to it thought our creatives.
    E.g.: worried about selling your house? Ask AURUM INSTAHOME.
  • We had to concentrate on targeting the right audience in order to pull maximum traffic onto Aurum Instahome’s website.
  • We needed to emotionally engage the audience in a way that would demonstrate trust and give them the impression that justice was being done to their houses, where they have many fond memories. We did not want to present the brand as merely brokers.
  • We also experimented with variations in the copy & creatives to achieve the desired result.
  • As there was a scope of improvement in the landing page, we have provided suggestions to improve the overall landing page experience.
  • We also took care of Aurum Instahome’ SEO suggestions part. Where we worked on GMB listings, blogs and SEO health improvement activities.
  • This resulted in generating maximum leads from very small target audience of 12k – 15k


  • CPL – INR 589 (lower than 75% of our expected CPL)
  • Total Leads Generated: 328
  • Qualification – 25%
INR 589