The Project With 75 years of real estate investment, development, and management experience, DLF has an unparalleled scale of delivery and an unmatched track record of customer-centric service excellence in India.

DLF Independent Floors around Gurugram is the latest offering by DLF. With Luxurious independent 4 BHKs situated in Gurugram, the project is close to all the amenities, making it one of the most sought-after projects in Delhi.

DLF wanted a complete launch strategy for this project to gain maximum site visits & bookings. We designed a tailor-made launch strategy for Independent Floors and achieved the maximum Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) for DLF Independent Floors.


Launching specific brand awareness to get maximum conversions in the launch period


Anchoring maximum numbers of digital platforms to reach a maximum audience based in Delhi & nearby areas


To reach CEO, CXO audience to market high-end premium independent floors


The ticket size being higher, generating maximum qualified leads to get maximum bookings


To make sure that DLF won’t compete with itself on any Digital Platform

Campaign & Execution

With an approach to achieve maximum leads as the primary goal, we intended to split the campaign into 2 phases i.e. Awareness & Purchase.

  • With awareness, we aimed to increase brand recall.
  • With purchase, we intend to receive more qualified leads for the campaign.

Our major target audience was the uber-rich audience of Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Noida who would like to invest or reallocate in Gurugram & elevate their lifestyle with all the luxurious amenities.

  • People working in NBFC, Banking, Investment, Lawyers, Doctors, IT aged between 35 – 60 were targeted using accurate platforms.
  • To reach CEO, and CXOs, LinkedIn marketing was heavily used with the maximum budget to spend for.
  • Following this, we got a major response from the elite class of Delhi & nearby areas and increased the Site Visit volumes.
  • We also worked on NRI audiences based in the US, Canada, Australia, UAE, and Singapore to get maximum leads from these audience segments.
Awareness Phase

To create a strong branding and to reach the wider target audience, we used following ways –

  1. Communication was created to showcase the luxury of Independent Floors at Gurugram.
  2. With luxury, we also showcased amenities alongside the independent floors based in Gurugram and spoke about connectivity and the DLF lifestyle.
  3. As DLF has established itself as a market leader for years, we used this and went full aggressive on native ads platforms with the large audience pool.
  4. NDTV, ET, Money Control, and Google Display Network helped us reach maximum audiences and that’s how we have generated customer trust.
Purchase Phase

Our objective was to generate maximum leads from all the performing platforms at the optimal cost.

  1. Starting from the landing page to creative execution, we have designed and executed the campaign.
  2. With the core performance campaigns, we used extensive platforms to reach a wider audience. The brand awareness campaign effect helped us generate maximum leads for the campaigns.
  3. Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, GDN, Taboola, and YouTube performed well while Google Search & Facebook remained lead-guzzling platforms.
  4. We strategically maximized Google Search Campaigns since we already had created interest in the market and increased the brand searches.
  5. This approach reduced our average Cost Per Qualified Lead (CPQL) of the campaign.
  6. Video marketing and content marketing helped us create recall value In the Remarketing & Nurturing stages.
  7. With a maximum usage of LinkedIn, we have successfully achieved our goal of targeting CEOs & CXOs and have got excellent qualifications from LinkedIn campaigns.
Leads Generated
Bookings Done
Qualification Rate
Overall CPA