DLF is a brand that strives to provide real estate development, management, and investment services of the highest caliber.

Below are the focus projects for the campaign:

  • One Mid Town, Delhi.
  • The Vally, Panchkula.
  • Independent floors at DLF Phase I and III, Gurgaon.
  • DLF Riverside, Kochi.


Lead-generation based on the investment perspective with DLF in India.

Configuration and TGA:

2, 3 and 4 BHK Starting at Rs.1.5 Cr*

The Challenges


To cater for the maximum number of leads from the NRI audience.


Creating a buzz about the DLF EXPO in that area specifically for Indian expatriates.


The ticket size being on the higher side based on the highlighted locations.

Campaign & Execution

The Approach

The Approach was to educate people residing globally about DLF's investment-based projects at multiple locations with an unmatched lifestyle in the dedicated areas. This also included planning the campaign altogether, running and showcasing the projects in the best possible way. DLF has been one of the oldest players of the Indian real estate industry and now it had to be expanded globally.

Campaign Execution

The campaign's main objective was to target the Indian people residing in various countries like Singapore, The USA, Malaysia, South Africa, UAE.

Since we had to showcase multiple projects, we used an Umbrella landing page . It highlighted the basic details of the projects, and once the customer is interested in either of the projects, they could simply fill in the form and be re-directed to the chosen project’s landing/project page.

We leveraged various platforms for the campaign’s execution:

  • Google Search Brand
  • Google Display and Discovery
  • Facebook LG and NF

Campaign Optimizations

  • Singapore EXPO was to be held within a fortnight after the initiation of the Umbrella campaign.
  • The focus shifted to Singapore campaign and in two weeks we achieved 46 leads with 2 qualified leads.

Once the Singapore campaign attained a good pace, the primary focus shifted to the USA EXPO campaign. Here are the major optimizations that were done:

  • We recommended raising the adset level budget.
  • At the creative level, we recommended adding more creatives, such as statics and videos.
  • We proposed including more specific questions like “Are you looking for a house in India” to help with qualification percentage.
  • Stopped non-performing keywords and ad groupings.
  • Stopped non-performing videos/statics.
  • A landing page with improved user experience.
  • Completed a campaign study of search terms at the brand level and for the individual projects.


Campaign Leads Achieved
GCC 38
AU, SG, MA 46
UK, SA 38
US, CA 134


38 leads
46 leads
38 leads
134 leads