About The Client

EKTA World is a Mumbai-based real estate development firm famed for its thoughtful planning, marvellous architecture and excellent execution. The group has a number of success stories to its name including Lake Homes, EKTA Meadows, EKTA Terraces, Lake Superior, EKTA Empress, Ecstasy I & II and Eminent across Mumbai, Pune & Nasik.

About Life Ka Chance Campaign

EKTA World’s Virar project had 850 ready-to-move-in units & its Nasik project had 100 + ready-to-move-in units. However, the developer’s previous offer of a 20:80 flexi payment scheme did not elicit any demand as it wasn’t able to attract a larger audience.

The EKTA Lucky Home ‘Life Ka Chance’ campaign was created keeping in mind the aspiring home buyers who long to fulfil their dream of buying a house in Mumbai. The brand ambassador of the campaign was Anil Kapoor and the aim was to provide premium affordable homes to the potential buyers at a judicious price. The campaign offered deals valid on the projects in Virar and Nashik.

The campaign was executed as a non-governmental scheme inspired by PM Narendra Modi’s “Housing for All” initiative. A 5 phase contest was conducted where people had to register to enter the lucky draw and pay an amount of Rs.21,000 as a participation fee which was refundable. The results were announced on a lucky draw basis and winners got the chance to buy the homes at prices lower than MHADA rates.

  • The campaign had bidding for a Lucky Draw across 1,2 & 3 BHKs at rates lower than MHADA prices. The lucky draw process was managed both online & offline by HDFC Realty.
  • Online Websites such as www.ektaluckyhome.com and www.lifekachance.com also took online bookings & form submissions with a refundable deposit of Rs 21,000.
  • In an industry first, home buyers enjoyed Delivery Insurance wherein they were covered by a third-party insurance company in case of delay of delivery.

Skepticism about the potential reach through digital channels


Lack of proper systems to manage the flow of inquiries


Driving customers to make payments


Tracking final results

Campaign & Execution

Technology & platforms played a major role in overcoming the above mentioned challenges by the use of Sell.Do – our Sales & Marketing Automation platform.

  • Sell.Do helped us handle and track the huge number of enquiries across all channels.Platform was flexible enough to handle a large volume of calls to the sales team & also various customer activities during the 10 day period. Distribution of leads to all teams & use of separate tracking nos for online channels helped segment calls from each source.
  • A lead scoring algorithm was being built at the payments page to track customers who had a high intent towards the project. Scores were assigned to each enquiry based on their beahviour on the website & response to sales team followups. The Sell.Do team regularly sent the sales team lists of high intent prospects to get in touch with them immediately. Also, people who visited the booking portal were being called right at the same moment to make sure we obtained a higher conversion ratio.
  • For a higher conversion ratio from website form enquiries, Instaconnect feature was used to make sure that the salesperson was automatically connected to the lead within 10 minutes of enquiry. This helped immensely for Facebook Lead Generation Ads – as enquiries submitted on Facebook were immediately integrated with Sell.Do & a call was patched automatically to the lead. The qualification ratios improved significantly with the use of this functionality.
  • There were many calls that were missed by the Sales Team. We had a separate Outbound Calling team & all missed calls were assigned to them so that missed call enquiries were called back the same day. Inbound Team was focused on only managing incoming calls & followups.
  • Also, IVR Autodialer feature was used with a Missed Call IVR with Anil Kapoor’s recorded message to all missed call leads on a frequent basis. This helped improved enagagement with leads which were missed out on & churn a lot of existing database to make them active & assign them to the Sales Team.
  • Lead nurturing activities were scheduled as per the lead score to reach out to leads at every stage of customer lifecycle. Workflows were designed in the system and customized mailers and SMS were sent to the leads so as to enhance the experience with the prospects.
  • Social media activations too helped sustain the brand recall with interactive posts & series throughout the campaign.
leads in just 10 days
3.5 Cr
reach across platforms like Google, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain and Yahoo
Rs. 250
cost per lead