In a world driven by smart devices, Emaar DigiHomes came up with an upgrade for homebuyers: Smart Homes. With 8 home automation features, DigiHomes put the power of controlling various functions at the residents’ fingertips. Now telling this to customers was one thing, but offering the experience online was another.

Such a unique project had to be promoted through a befitting digital communication strategy. We wanted to-

  • Launch the project digitally.
  • Generate high project awareness.
  • Let homebuyers experience the smart home features online.
  • Generate qualified leads and drive sales.

Developing an immersive digital experience of the project.


Executing branding as well as performance campaigns simultaneously.


Stand out in a highly competitive location.


Attract young, tech-savvy homebuyers.

Campaign & Execution
Growth Marketing Approach

We discovered an important insight: smart devices are essentially characterised by interactive intelligence. Since the homes at this project exhibited this quality, we came up with the concept of “Luxury Homes That Listen”. Four words that summarised the smartness of the project completely. This concept was further conveyed through communication-level experimentation.

Interactive Landing Page & Performance Landing Page

We realised that an unconventional idea was needed to provide a unique, virtual product experience in order to attract homebuyers.

  • An interactive landing page was created, which responded to the voice commands of visitors. For example, the visitor could say “illuminate” and the lights in the room shown in the photo would switch on.
  • Knowing that the interactive landing page was heavy to load, we planned to use it only for online product experience and lead generation.
  • Simultaneously, we created a simple landing page for conversions. The leads who had registered on the interactive page were later landed on this page through remarketing campaigns.
Paid Media/PPC

To attract the right audience, maximise reach and increase website visits, a comprehensive media strategy was devised.

  1. Reach and frequency campaigns were executed on Facebook.
  2. Branding & awareness campaigns were executed on Google Display Network and YouTube.
  3. Rich media innovations were used to attract clicks.
  4. Optimised bidding strategy was used for search campaigns to achieve highest impression share, to show the ads on top of the SERP and to decrease CPL.
  5. Through A/B testing, the ads delivering results were scaled and the ones underperforming were stopped.
  6. Separate campaigns for multiple target audiences were executed and only the ones with the best CTR were continued.
Mediums Used
  • Awareness – Google, Facebook, YouTube, Vserve, NDTV Convergence, Colombia (TOI, ET, NBT, MT & NewsPoint app), Financial Express, Indian Express, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Business Insider and MoneyControl ROS
  • Lead Generation – Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Native – Yahoo native, Taboola, Outbrain and Daily Hunt
  • Database Marketing – SMS and Emails
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • OTT – Hotstar, Zee5 and SonyLiv
  • Portals – Housing and 99 Acres
Leads Generated
Site Visits Conducted
100 Cr+
Revenue Generated Through Digital Campaigns
Cost Per Conversion From Digital Campaigns