A smart lifestyle in Bengaluru!

About Project

Embassy Edge, a project by the leading real estate development firm Embassy Group, introduced India’s first Alexa-enabled homes, designed to cater to millennials with new-age mindsets. From unlocking doors to ordering groceries, these smart homes aim to bring convenience to everyday lifestyle with the voice of technology.

This project stands as the perfect amalgamation of smart technology, design and location, offering a one-of-a-kind lifestyle experience in prime Bengaluru.

Maximizing bookings while minimizing human dependencies
  • 100+ channel partners registered
  • 70 bookings in 3 days
  • Reduced human intervention
  • Automation in pipeline analysis

New project launch

Since it was a completely new launch, the brand needed to build a strategy from the ground up to generate qualified leads, create a lead nurturing and lead scoring methodology and plan their entire media for ad communication.


Project awareness

Being a one-of-a-kind lifestyle experience, creating awareness and informing the right audience across geographies was a challenge. It was essential to attract tech-savvy consumers willing to spend on a unique lifestyle experience like the one offered by Embassy Edge.


Lead volume management

This was perhaps the biggest challenge at hand. While there was a lot of interest generated from ad platforms and websites, there was no organized method to map the buyer intent, bucket the leads as per their buying potential and track their progress in real-time.

Our Approach:

Exclusive event for channel partners

An exclusive meet was held to do a soft launch of the project and to educate channel partners about its one-of-a-kind lifestyle offering. Also, the event was hosted to create a buzz across the channel partner network in the region.

Digital campaign

An extensive digital campaign was devised for the 360-degree marketing of the project. This included creating a concept adapted into multiple ad communication formats for a cohesive branding experience.

  • Teaser phase

    In this phase, we developed communication that created aspiration for living a smart life in prime Bengaluru, while not giving away many project details. The communication was executed on select ad platforms to build awareness and generate leads and collect data via lead forms and in-ad questions.

  • Launch phase

    After successfully executing our teaser campaign, we studied the data collected from various ad platforms to understand how the audiences were interacting with our communication and how we could develop a more targeted approach to announce the launch of our project.

    Based on this study, we developed new communication that connected to the audiences more personally, strongly invoking their desire to live a smart life while instilling trust in the brand and its legacy.

    We devised a full-funnel approach to capture leads from all popular ad platforms and nurture them in a systematic method which involved developing an intent mapping model, specific lead buckets and a lead scoring model.

Campaign performance analysis & optimization:

Lead stage analysis

We used an extensive tracking system for the leads generated across media platforms to understand which platforms gave us the most qualified leads to work with. We developed a linear attribution model for bookings which enabled us to account for efforts contributed by the internal sales team.

As per the linear attribution model, the weighted booking count is 10. However, Digital contributed to all of our 17 bookings.

Intent mapping model

To distinguish between generic leads and qualified leads, we developed a mapping model which tagged every lead at different stages in the funnel. A specific path was identified using which all leads in that specific path were tagged as “hot leads”

Buckets created

  • Registered
  • Unit Browsing
  • Unit Selected
  • User KYC Done
  • Sent to Payment Gateway
  • Hold
  • Payment Dropoff

All leads between the “unit selected” bucket and “payment drop-off” bucket were tagged as “hot leads”. Once the leads started browsing the units, they were tagged as “qualified”

Lead scoring

A lead scoring model was developed to bifurcate the lead volume into ‘hot leads’, ‘cold leads’ and ‘warm leads’. As the leads progressed forward or showed any negative signs, the score was manipulated as per the defined chart in real-time, affecting the total score of the lead.

Score manipulation chart

  • Incoming Call +1
  • Outgoing Call answered +1
  • Outgoing Call not answered -1
  • Email Opened +1
  • Site Visit Scheduled +10
  • Site Visit Conducted +20
  • Registered on Portal +5
  • Unit Browsing +5
  • Unit Selected +10
  • User KYC Done +10
  • Sent to Payment Gateway +20
Identifying probable bookings

After implementing our mapping model and the lead scoring process, we identified our probable bookings via the total score. Leads with a total score between 21 to 40 were tagged as ‘qualified’, whereas those with a total score upwards of 41 were tagged as ‘super-hot leads.’

Apart from 17 current bookings, we identified 62 additional probable bookings from our top leads.

Site Visits
Superhot Leads
Marketing Cost