PANACHE at Bollineni Bion

Panache at Bollineni Bion comprises spacious, ultra-luxury residences starting from 7.5 crore onwards which allows you to enjoy the best of urban indulgence and nature's glory from your own luxury cocoons. With not more than 2 apartments per floor and not less than 4 sprawling terraces per apartment, revel in complete privacy with reserved views of lush green landscapes from every room. This elite experience is extended outside your exclusive residence too, in the form of extraordinary amenities for all your needs and leisures.

The Challenges


Lead Velocity:

As Panache had ultra luxury residences with a ticket-size of 7.5 crore, generating high lead velocity was challenging


Lead to Qualification:

Quality of Leads is the second aspect where the brainstorming process of the team comes to a standstill as the expected delivery from the BSCPL team was around 15% Qualification


Campaign Budget:

Limitation in terms of Campaign Budget is the Major Aspect as the fuel for the Campaigns is at very Minimal side with a Budget Range of 1 Lacs – 2.5 Lacs Campaign Budget for a Month


Cost Per Conversions:

With the Limited fuel for the Campaigns, the lead number was a Challenge in from of the team as we need to Deliver around 100 – 200 Leads on a Monthly Basis.

Our Approach

  • A Strategy to Decode the Hyderabad Real Estate Market
  • Audience is the Key
  • Projecting the Highlights of the Property
  • Creating Awareness through Branding
  • Choosing Right Channels for the Right TG


Competitor & Area Analysis:

To succeed in the Hyderabad real estate market, knowing what other developers were offering for the same ticket size was necessary. We conducted Strategic Competitor Analysis and identified market trends as well as area-specific insights.

Branding for Awareness:

Initially in the Campaigns we had assigned some Budget for the Branding purpose to create awareness among the Audience for the Property as it's a Brand-new Project by BSCPL Developers and through Branding Campaign we had created a Sense of Urgency too for the Project. For the Branding purpose we used following: Google Discovery Ads to increase Reach and Facebook Video Ads to increase Reach & Impressions.

Target Audience:

Target Group is the key part for the campaign, as we need to obtain audience who will be interested in a ticket size of more than 7.5 crore* for which we came up with a strategy of analyzing interests and behavior of the audiences who will be interested in such a ticket size and use the same interests and behavior in our campaigns in order to reach the right set of audiences.

Platforms to be Used:

Limitation of budget restricted us to explore various platforms for the campaigns, so we stuck to Facebook and Google campaigns to generate Lead velocity and awareness for the project.

Creative Variations:

To achieve lead velocity, it was necessary to use creative variations with unique copy to give our target audience the right essence of Panache. It was necessary that through the creatives, the ultra-luxuriousness of the project be conveyed. Variations in the ad creatives, such as static, carousel, video & cinemographs ads, etc. helped stabilize the campaigns and increase the lead velocity.

Increased Diversification:

The next step was to increase diversification in the campaigns. The ad communication has 3 main variations: USP, Location & Amenities, which enabled us to reach various sets of audiences and create a diversified atmosphere in the campaigns. This ultimately helped to stabilize the campaigns.


  • Over 400+ Leads Generated
  • 8 Lakhs+ Impressions
  • Controlled Cost per Result of 1000 INR for a 7.5 Crore Property
  • Qualification over 20%
Leads Generated
8 Lakhs+
over 20%