Runwal Bliss

Runwal Bliss is a premium residential township project in Runwal City Centre at Kanjurmarg East, Mumbai, built around a 150+ years old Banyan tree. It has been designed to offer its residents a tranquil and peaceful haven amidst the hustle bustle of the city, without missing out on any of the city's conveniences. Located just 3km away from Powai, at Kanjurmarg East, it comprises beautifully designed residences, 8 acres central park, landscaped open spaces and some of the best recreational amenities.


Lead Generation from Indian as well NRI Market.

Configuration and TGA

2 & 3 BHK Starting at Rs 1.95 Cr*

Target Audience
Primary Target Age group Minimum Household income
Young Adults and Professionals 30 to 65 years More than 40 lacs

The Challenges


The ticket size being higher, generating maximum qualified leads to get maximum bookings.


Channel Partner quoting lower prices than the Actual.


Internal competition for Brand Keywords between Runwal Group projects for a single location (Kanjurmarg).


To sell Apartments without Sea view, being in Mumbai (BMC).

Digital Campaign and Execution

Our Approach

As it was a premium inventory and near-possession project, we had to conduct secondary research on the target audience and keywords for digital campaigns. Based on the findings and the budget in hand, we leveraged digital platforms across channels to reach the maximum target audience in the specific regions such as nearby areas of Kanjurmarg within radius of 8 km in and around Mumbai. We explored NRI Markets where indian population is higher such as Gulf Countries, USA, Canada and UK.

Campaign Execution

We created separate landing pages for RI and NRI Campaigns with separate communication for both RI and NRI.

For digital Campaign execution we leveraged below platforms/channels for demand generation across India and NRI Markets

RI Market NRI Market
Google Search-Brand, Primary, Secondary,Generic campaigns Google Search- Brand and Primary Campaign
Google Display Banners Facebook Lead generation Campaign
Google Discovery Inmarket and DIscovery Leadgen Portal Ads: 99 Acres and
Facebook Newsfeed and Lead generation Campaign
Linkedin Lead generation
Native Platforms: Taboola and Columbia
Geofencing Platform- Bohni Ads
RCS on Whatsapp
Marathi and Hindi Ads on Google search and Facebook

Campaign Optimizations

  • Performed Campaign Search term analysis.
  • paused non Performings Ad groups and Keywords
  • Improved Quality Score of Various Ad copies
  • Set bidding on device level
  • Improved user experience of landing page
  • Added new search terms on the basis of user queries on the search engine.

Enhanced digital Footprints

  • We published blogs and articles on Runwal group corporate website for trending real estate topics, created Reels for Social media around project amenities and location conveniences etc.
  • We gave a brief about the project via Project and location overview videos, drone shoots, 360 degree apartment views and Customer testimonials.


  • Leads – 500+ Leads generated in 90 days
  • CPL- Rs 2200 with 10% qualification for Mumbai Market
  • Bookings- 9 bookings in 90 days


Leads Generated through Digital Campaigns
Bookings in 1 Month
INR 2200
Overall CPL