SPA Group

A way of life that gets passed down to generations

SPA Group is a pioneer brand that creates luxury environments with sustainable infrastructure for generations to enjoy. Anchored on a simple notion of elegant craftsmanship woven with the belief “you matter to us”, the group always strives to provide premium-grade lifestyle experiences.

The SPA Group logo represents the delicate artistry of eight decades intertwined with the liberty of future generations. With a never-ending cycle of creativity, it also generates a feeling of the landscapes and infrastructure they shall develop for coming generations to cherish.

Since 1972

Luxury environments

Experiential living

New communication strategy to be developed for 2 flagship projects

An exclusive community of handcrafted villa plots that takes experiential living to next level with unmatched outdoor experiences. ECOCITY offers 9 themed parks, 10 world-class amenities and vast open spaces, creating a complete ecosystem for families to thrive.

Frangipani is India’s first estate community living, offering 33 estates with dedicated estate management. It offers a magnificently rich indoor experience, along with abundant avenues to bond with nature, such as a private 2-acre lake, a Balinese-themed clubhouse, a 2-acre rejuvenation park and much more.


What was required?

Developing imagery that was experience-centric, carrying a subtle human element to closely resemble the actual environment of the project. Creatives should also portray luxury & exclusivity!


We developed a clean minimalistic approach
that did justice to the scale of lifestyle
offered, along with positioning the brand as
a pioneer in experience-driven residential
projects. The colour palette subtly
humanized the creatives, while giving off a
superlative vibe to the imagery.


We developed a central communication for both
ECOCITY & Frangipani, which perfectly reflected
the idea of luxury and exclusivity, while creating
a distinctive offering with regards to the
project’s specific features. This communication
was adapted and articulated across various
formats for a cohesive branding experience.

Clean & minimalistic look & feel
Concept-driven copies
Warm & soothing colour palette

Quick Highlights

A line saying

was added in all the creatives
All creatives depict
greenery, with an
experiential thought
to the viewers.
The creatives are centric to
luxury &
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