Green Fields at Vijayawada brings a unique range of residences that create a healthy and happy atmosphere for its residents. With the help of elegant design principles and sophisticated engineering techniques, we have created homes that conform to our special 4-Point standard – ‘the quality of air’, ‘use of natural light’, ‘water conservation’ and ‘good health’.

Target Audience:

The target audience was anyone who was interested in investing in a luxury home.

  • Investors
  • Entry-level Homebuyers
  • Retired Citizens
  • Other Second Homebuyers

Cities targeted:

  • Vijayawada
  • Tadigadapa
  • Machilipatnam
  • Gudivaada

30+ competitors in the same area


Target of lead generation with a minimum of 30% conversion ratio in 14 days


Changing consumer mentality (locals preferred purchasing land & building houses rather than buying apartments)


Convincing homebuyers and investors (Due to existing demographics and prevailing ambiguity in Vijayawada, investors & homebuyers were not convinced to invest.)

Campaign & Execution:

The objective of the campaign was to improve the qualification of the leads that had inquired about the project. To achieve that, our approach was:

  • We started with the market research to analysis the target audience and competitors in Vijayawada.
  • We came up with a communication that showed people the benefits of investing in our project/apartments as apartments were a totally new concept for the locals.
  • We enticed our target audience by focusing on the amenities that the project had to offer with sustainable living. We conveyed that our project contributed to a healthier, greener, and sustainable tomorrow.
  • We communicated this with our philosophy about Green Fields offering 4-point homes that give equal importance to ‘light, air, water & health’.
  • We tweaked our campaigns so that we could get high-intent leads.
  • We tried to exclude the users with low buying intent.

Campaign Optimizations:

  • We experimented with variations in the copy & creatives to achieve the desired qualification.
  • We managed all the social media accounts for S&S Green Projects which included creating a project, interest, location & brand-based series for the communication with the concept of 4-point homes.
  • As there was a scope of improvement in the landing page, we optimized the landing page and improved UI/UX.

Campaign Outcome

  • Substantial increase in website traffic
  • Overall increase in lead qualification
844 INR