The Summit Residences

The Summit Residences at Salsette27 by Peninsula Land Ltd.

As a member of the Ashok Piramal Group and one of the first real estate firms to float on the stock exchange, they have more than 100 years of passion towards perfection & excellence.

Peninsula Land Ltd. is creating commercial and residential developments in an effort to develop and enhance the city’s skyline. In Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Bengaluru, Goa, and Lonavala, they have built more than 8.3 million square feet of real estate, and they have another over 3.3 million square feet under construction.

A high-life experience is available at The Summit Residences at Salsette27 by Peninsula Land Ltd., with only 30 limited edition homes available. Discover ultra-luxurious homes and duplex penthouses, ornate with glass walls and high ceilings, that offer breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

Project The Summit Residences
Developer Peninsula Land Ltd.
Location Byculla, South Central Mumbai
Configuration Palatial 3 BHK and Duplex Penthouses
Ticket Size 3 BHK form Rs. 12.32 Cr* Duplex penthouse from Rs. 22.5 Cr*

The Challenges


As it is a fresh launch, spreading brand awareness in South Mumbai as well as other locations of Mumbai.


Promoting the palatial 3 BHK and duplex penthouse in the ultra-premium location, with prices starting at Rs. 12.32 Cr* and Rs. 22.5 Cr*, respectively.


Generating leads for Bareshell apartment with such a high ticket size.


Announcing the arrival of Summit Residences in Mumbai.


Stand out in a highly competitive location.


Portraying this as the best project in South Central Mumbai by a Peninsula Land Ltd.


Creating the most leads possible and spreading awareness of the initiative entirely online, without the use of any offline marketing.

Campaign & Execution

The Approach

The strategy was to raise project awareness in the targeted location while generating as many leads as possible for a project offering an unmatched lifestyle in the vicinity. This also included the stepwise process of consumer buying:

  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Nurturing potential leads to make site visits

Peninsula has long been a major player in the real estate markets of Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, and Bangalore. Currently, they are introducing an ultra-premium project in South Mumbai, one of Mumbai’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.

Creating simple and user-friendly Landing Page

To increase conversions, we developed a simple and well-optimized landing page for users. The leads that interacted with our digital ads will arrive on this page and fill the project’s lead requirements.

Target Group

The target group was etched according to the market demand and the intent of the people looking for a lifestyle upgrade. The market has been extremely competitive and the larger agenda was to target the business owners, Jain community, CXOs for investment and lifestyle upgrade.

Brand Awareness/Teaser Phase


  • Creating project visibility in Mumbai market.
  • Maximize the brand reach through creating maximum impression and getting that convert into clicks.


The ultimate objective was to raise awareness of the project in the targeted areas so that customers would remember the brand & project. When the awareness phase was completed successfully, we continued the communication on the lines of 'A world for select 30, that rises from 52nd floor'

The key RTBs of the project for market positioning were:

  • 24+ lifestyle-based amenities
  • Breathtaking panoramic and city view
  • 25+ sustainable living features
  • 1100+ electric charging points.

The branding campaign has been done through following platforms.

  • TOI+ET
  • Inshorts
  • YouTube
  • NDTV
  • Vertoz

'Rich media assists us to attract more clicks.'

Launch Phase


To achieve a good lead velocity with lower CPL and higher qualification than the industry standard.


  • The overall buzz of the brand awareness phase did help in the execution phase as well.
  • Keeping TG and our price bucket in mind, we had to concentrate on targeting the right audience to qualify at least 10-12% of the leads we received.
  • We also highlighted the major USPs of the project such as:
    • High-rise living experience
    • Available for only selected 30 families
    • 24+ lifestyle-based amenities
    • Breathtaking panoramic and city view
    • 25+ sustainable living features
    • 1100+ electric charging points

Campaign Optimization

  • When any prospect searched with the word peninsula, Salsette or summit keyword, the ad is supposed to be visible in the top 3 Google searches.
  • To increase the visibility of Summit Residences at Salsette27 by Peninsula search ad amongst top 3 ranking on Google search, and landing page was frequently optimized for technical, content and SEO level, while our campaign is live to acquire the top spot on Google.
  • Working on different bidding strategies to maximise impressions and frequency for branding campaigns.

Medium Used

  • Awareness: NDTV, TOI+ET, Inshorts, YouTube and Vertoz branding
  • Lead Generation: Google Search, Google discovery and discovery leadgen, Facebook Newsfeed and Lead Generation
  • Native: Colombia, Vertoz, Zemanta, Outbrain, OneNative and Taboola
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube


  • Leads received from Digital Campaign – 500+
  • Qualification Rate – 12%+
  • Enhancing the communication collaterals to keep the target audience interested
  • Overall CPA Rs. 2,287
  • Total impression received 128950156


Overall CPA
Qualification Rate