Sunflower at Runwal Bliss is a vibrant gated community located at the new city centre – Kanjurmarg East. Sunflower at Runwal Bliss offers a privileged lifestyle in an exclusive tower with exquisitely designed residences, surrounded by the best-in-class club, and recreational amenities with conveniences. A 6-acre beautifully landscaped Central Park downstairs adds a unique lifestyle benefit, rarely found in metro cities. Excellent rail, road and upcoming Metro connectivity will make access to all parts of the city a breeze, while the panoramic views of the surrounding mangroves & bay will delight you every day. Live in a safe, secure and green environment in the heart of the city, just 2 km from Powai, at Sunflower at Runwal Bliss. Experience a life that is a masterpiece.

Configuration & TGA

3, 5 & 6 BHK starting 2.25 Cr*

Target Audience
Primary Target Age Group Minimum Household Income
Young Adults & Professionals 30 to 65 years More than 40 Lacs

Internal competition for a single location (Kanjurmarg) between two projects under Runwal Group for brand keywords.


Lower prices quoted than actual prices by Channel Partners.

Campaign & Execution

Considering the importance of Sunflower, a premium inventory tower at Runwal Bliss, the aim was to create appropriate hype around its launch. Upon critical thinking and ideation, it was decided that the campaign will be divided into two phases – Teaser & Launch.

1. Teaser Phase

The name ‘Sunflower’ for the newly launched tower was inspired from the paintings of famous Vincent Van Gogh. Hence, the communication derived was around the fact that a masterpiece is coming to Kanjurmarg.

Medium of Communication
Videos Ad Communications Content Marketing (Blogs)
YouTube Investors Times of India + Economic Times
Facebook Buyers NDTV
Yahoo Native
ET Realty
2. Launching Phase

Since we had already hooked the audience with the teaser phase, the launch had to be devised by going all out on digital platforms.

We executed separate/dedicated communication for RI & NRI audience

Google Search & Search Responsive Ads Facebook Newsfeed & Leadgen
Display & Discovery Ads Google Search & Search Responsive Ads
LinkedIn Newsfeed & Leadgen Ads on Real Estate Aggregator Portals
Facebook Newsfeed & Leadgen Targeted NRI Audience from:
  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • UAE
Native Platforms
  • Taboola
  • One India
  • Columbia
Infographics & other ads on:
  • 99 Acres
  • Housing, etc.
3. Campaign Optimization
  • To increase the visibility of Sunflower at Runwal Bliss search ad amongst top 3 ranking on Google search, an additional landing page was created with a campaign running to acquire the top spot.
  • This activity ensured that we receive the highest impression share of 95% on Google search ad in order to get the edge over other competitors.
  • When any prospect searched with the word sunflower keyword, the ad is supposed to be visible in the top 3 Google searches.
4. Delivering The Online Experience
  • We ran re-marketing campaigns for audiences coming on the website from awareness and performance campaigns.
  • • We also gave a brief about the product and brand validations by showing drone shoots of the project including the 6-acre Central Park.
Leads Generated through Digital Campaigns
Bookings in 1 Month
Site Visits
Marketing Cost