TARC Tripundra, South Delhi

Designed to elevate personal spaces, the luxurious residences at TARC Tripundra offer you a unique feeling of belonging in a prospering locale of New Delhi.

TARC started out as a construction and contracting company and evolved to become one of the largest real estate development companies and land bank holders in the New Delhi Metropolitan Area, bringing about a paradigm shift in how new age urban spaces are created and curated.

TARC Tripundra is a truly special place built to redefine luxury living, where one gets to enjoy a plethora of unique experiences catering to the needs of every age group.

The Challenges


Creating brand recall across Delhi region (primarily) since the brand is already well-known in this region & a recall is required to gain momentum for launch of their new project.


Creating curiosity about the project before the launch of the project.


Portraying Experiential Living & South Delhiā€™s finest luxury homes.


To get maximum number of qualified leads to convert for bookings during the launch phase, in line with their offline strategy.

Campaign & Execution

The Approach

The objective was to build recall for TARC in the minds of Delhi residents before we launch TARC (Branding) wherein we started with branding campaigns which was initiated from 30 sept to 7th Oct . This branding campaign was the first phase which was followed by Teaser campaign with an aim to build a hype around the new launch by TARC and its offerings.

TARC has been a notable property in Delhi and has been kept prominence from last 40 years. However, it required retraction as the project was coming up with an unmatched and elevated lifestyle in South Delhi area, to match the requirements of true luxury and experiential living. This also included the stepwise process of consumer buying:

  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Converting the potential leads to turning them into site visits

Once the market specific to Delhi region has been aware of the brand recall, we must make them aware of the project offering provided by the brand.

Target Group

Aspirational value was created for the target audience through aspects such as experiential living, greener and healthier lifestyle with good connectivity to prominent parts of the city. Although the market has been extremely competitive, the core agenda was to target the business owners/ nuclear families, young adults, retired/ultra-luxury home buyers & investors, and people looking for an elevated lifestyle experience.

Brand Awareness


  • To create a recall about the brand TARC in the minds of Delhi audience.
  • To maximize the brand reach in the Delhi market to thereby give traction of the launch project.


During the awareness the communication portrayed the legacy, stature and the prominence of the brand in the market- on the lines of 'Ready For Today, Ready For Tomorrow' and highlighting the key positioning with the below indicators.

  • 300 acres in Delhi
  • 40 years of expertise
  • 50 lakh sq.ft. being built


  • During the TARC Corporate Branding Phase, we delivered 4.2 M impressions with 8,728 clicks on our ads.
  • We also achieved 9 leads for searches revolving around brand keywords. The overall CPL stands at 684 approx. For google search campaign it indicates that the campaign has performing well as per the industry standards.

Teaser Phase


To build a hype and curiosity around the launch of TARC's new project and its offerings.


The ultimate goal was to create a level of curiosity which would then tend to drive enough number of walk-ins and site visits

Thus, the communication during this phase was on the lines of 'Reserved For Those Who Own The Game'.This aimed to create curiosity within the community, by portraying an unparalleled lifestyle opportunity.


  • During the TARC Tripundra Teaser Phase, we delivered 0.2 M impressions with 4,081 clicks on our ads set with branding objective.
  • During this phase we received 482 leads via FB leadgen, Google Search & Discovery campaign with an objective of conversion. The overall CPL for this phase stands at 223 aprox. This indicates that our Teaser campaign has performed well as per the industry standards.
  • This inturn derives that leadgen campaign supported by branding campaign gives leverage to the leadgen campaign stating that our plan of action is in the correct direction.
  • Even before revealing the project specification, we started receiving an interest from prospects in this phase itself with incoming leads.

Launch Phase


The launch of the new project with all details revealed.


The overall buzz of the Teaser phase and the brand awareness phase did help in the Launch phase as well.

Keeping TG and our price bucket in mind, we had to concentrate on targeting the right audience in order to qualify at least 30% of the leads we received.

We also highlighted the major USPs of the project such as:

  • TARC’s first luxury residential project
  • Main Bijwasan Road, South Delhi
  • Fully loaded homes
  • Facing 2200 acres of Delhi Greens (Pushpanjali farms & Rajokri farms)
  • Tri-edge advantage of convenience, comfort, & Connectivity
  • Enjoy proximity to Dwarka, Gurgaon, DLF Cybercity, Chattarpur, Vasant Kunj, Vasant Vihar
  • 7D security
  • Experiential amenities & avenues
  • Supreme quality construction in association with Colliers International
  • Green homes for a sustainable lifestyle

We tweaked our campaigns so that we could get high-intent leads.

We tried to exclude the users with low buying intent

We also experimented with variations in the copy & creatives to achieve the desired qualification.

As there was a scope of improvement in the landing page, we have optimized the landing page and improved UI/UX. This Landing Page design was specially edited to match the look & feel of their project brochure.

From the SEO perspective, we did maintain and keep an eye on the basic level of hygiene overall.


  • During the TARC Tripundra Launch Phase, we delivered 1.5 M impressions with 12,369 clicks.
  • We also achieved 811 leads via performance & branding campaign. The overall CPL stands at 686 aprox.
  • Though we ran branding campaigns via TOI, ET & Moneycontrol, We received 7 leads from these 3 campaign.

Overview of the 3 Phases

During all three campaign phases i.e., the TARC Corporate Branding Phase, Teaser Phase & the Launch phase we delivered 6.3 M impressions with 27,225 clicks on our ads.

From the all three campaign phases we achieved an overall of 1,302 leads at an average CPL of INR 568/- aprox. We have received 158 leads via website calling during the Tripundra Launch campaign phase.

From the data of the three phases we can derive that our campaigns have performed well in terms of the below:

  • We addressed correct target market via our branding & performance campaigns
  • Based on our amount of spends & the achieved CPL, our creatives have been performing well & has good rate of engagement
  • The outdoor campaign gave a massive push to digital and helped bring down overall costs
  • Our communication across the three phases were correctly portrayed, leading one to the another, thus creating higher intent
  • Social media channels benefited from the campaign too, with maximum engagement and channel growth in October vs prior months.

Though our third party campaigns (Money Control, TOI, ET) ran with objective of branding we received 8 leads indicating the target audience of the third party campaigns had higher intent.


  • Leads received from Digital Campaign – 1,300 +
  • Qualification Rate – 45% +
  • Overall CPA Rs. 568
  • Bookings from Digital over 3 launches – 2 Confirmed


1,300 +
45% +
Qualification Rate
INR 568
Overall CPA