Tata Amantra

Strategically located, Amantra rises elegantly from the curve of the Bhiwandi Kalyan Corridor as a beacon of style and higher living. The development is an inspired blend of urban tranquility and modern sophistication. With an ensemble of mid and high-rise towers, the tallest soaring 34 floors, this remarkable residential jewel offers beautifully designed and spacious 2 & 3 bedroom apartments.

The Challenges


This project struggled with negative reviews, news stories & complaints on google reviews


Location being closer a major trade center is on the outskirts of the city


Generating large lead volumes to achieve sales target


Identifying the right target audience & revamping the strategy and optimizing the campaign via a comprehensive approach was crucial to achieving the targets for Tata Amantra. Through a collaborative effort from the Beyondwalls teams, we were able to generate an integrated campaign that delivered optimium results.

BeyondWalls brought in variations with respect to creatives, copy, targeting, and platforms. The revamped strategy introduced variations that cancelled out outliers and averaged out the results to bring stability to campaigns.

Campaign & Execution

The objective of the campaign was to generate high volume of leads & improve the qualification of leads & generate site visits. To achieve that, our approach was:

  • We created an effective media plan & developed a user friendly landing page which was designed to track visitors & increase conversions
  • Location, Pricing & offers being a strong point of focus, we concentrated our communication & creatives on these USP's.
  • We reached out to potential customers through integrated channels. Digital platforms like Facebook & Google to helped us generate the highest qualified leads. We also used SMS & other native platforms to generate high volume of leads
  • Campaign communications & creatives were tweaked wherever necessary to generate high-intent leads.
  • We tried to exclude the users with low buying intent.

Campaign Optimizations

  • As there was a scope of improvement in the landing page, we optimized the landing page and improved UI/UX.
  • We experimented with variations in the copy & creatives to achieve the desired qualification.
  • Using high volume keywords, maintaining high ad relevancy, targeting relevant interests, behaviour & locations on Facebook were a few routine procedures followed to generate the high volume leads & maintain the qualifications.


  • 3000+ leads received at a CPL of 798
  • 80+ site visits
  • 14% qualification ratio
3000+ leads
at a CPL of 798
site visits
qualification ratio