A Progressive Approach To Achieving Higher Qualification Ratio

For increased number of qualified leads across digital advertisement platforms

Karle Infra introduced Vario Homes to the customers to keep up with their progressive needs. At its heart lies the philosophy of change; a change in our interests, habits, and hobbies. Hence, Vario Homes offered a unique solution in Progressive Layouts that the users can mould as per their convenience. The homes featured an L-shaped movable Flexi-Wall between the living room, guest bedroom, and dining room. The creative solution allowed its customers to decide what their homes should look like.



Initial qualification ratio struggled at around 10%


Initial methods of turning leads into qualified leads became prodigal


The involvement of various CPs gave rise to higher CPCs for Google Campaigns.


BeyondWalls approached the challenges of optimising campaigns and generating frugal results. The strategy involved bringing in variations for collected insights from the data, effective lead profiling, ad effectiveness on Google campaigns, keyword research, progressive changes to copy, and continuously creating new creatives.

Location & Interest-based

Qualified leads were decided on the basis of location, budget, and property type interest. Primary data of previously enquired leads was also asked from the client.

Further Dissection of Data

The collected data was further broken down into home address, office address, income level, & profession.

Google Campaign Optimisation

Optimisation done based on targeting, ad effectiveness, ad ranking, and performance.

Progressive Copy Changes

Improvement made in copies to improve relevancy and creating various buckets to include USP, Location, Amenities & Township Living.

Progressive Changes Every 30-45 days

The dissection of the target audience led to the continuous creation of creatives to bring down the frequency with higher intent forms.

Behind the results

Account Handling & Strategy:
Kaustubh Gomase

Google QR went up as high as in the pandemic
LinkedIn and Taboola stabilised at QR
Facebook, the lowest QR provider, went as high as
Progressive research on keywords gave a stabilised QR
30% for 12 months
Stabilized qualification continuously
Overall CPL stabilized