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Yashraj Nakshatra


Vishwas Developers and Builders


Handewadi Road, PMC

Key Challenges:

South Pune has always been a slow-moving market with monthly velocity not exceeding 8-10 units. Hadapsar-Handewadi Road held a special product positioning challenge where in the major competing project were “Kumar Pebble Park” & “Majestique Rhytm County” who were driving volumes in the locale. Notably both were large scale projects exceeding 20 acres in size with previous delivered phases in the same parcel. Our product has a smaller land parcel with 2 acres in total size.

Our approach and strategy:

Product Design:

A major uplift in project design was essential in order to pull in volumes from the township to our project. For this, we consulted an increased amenity floor on the rooftop to compensate for the lack of open ground space. On top of that we themed the project “Nakshatra” and the amenity zones, landscaping was designed in reference to the constellation theme. On the product front, we optimized the 2 BHK carpet area to 655-665 sq.ft to control the ticket size of the product (availing 80 IB benefits) while encashing on the consumers by getting room sizes comparable to that of a 730 sq.ft apartment. First in class innovation, like a full glass corner window to the bedrooms and innovative facade design was executed. The sales experience was world class to compete with the reputed brands, and the sample interiors were carefully curated to ensure the creation of aspirational value.


Product was launched with EOI model to gather interest from buyers and create FOMO with launch price benefits. The positioning was as per the local target group with vernacular communication “Jithe Pratyek Swapna Hoil Khara” followed by “Hadapsar cha Superstar” to create traction with the only project offering a rooftop infinity pool & 50% amenity spaces.

Direct channel push was with high frequency digital branding, lead gen supported with large scale outdoor branding with billboards, pole kiosks and newspaper inserts.

A grand channel partner meet was organized to ensure traction from brokers with 150+ attendees. Both the marketing channels worked in favour pulling never seen before traction in the locality.


Urgency creation with limited inventory strategy & launch price was pushed to the market to gather maximum conversion in launch phase. Mop up campaigns with the rate of 200/sq.ft was done to maximize average price realization in followup high selling sustenance phase.

Sales flow and execution

  1. Generating high site visit volumes with 70+ visitors every week.

  2. Gathering EOI via both marketing mediums followed by grand launch event with limited period launch price

  3. Pushing sustenance campaign with a local celebrity collaboration to maintain the launch momentum

Site Visits
Site Visits through Direct
10 months
Mandate Cost