The Importance of First Touchpoint in Real Estate

What is Customer Touchpoint?

• Any interaction between a    customer and a company • Every touchpoint must    be positive and memorable • Examples include online    interactions, phone calls,    emails & more

What is Customer Touchpoint Mapping?

• The process of identifying &    documenting how     customers interact • Once listed, each touchpoint    should be evaluated based    on the importance. • Identify areas where the    experience can be improved. • Ensures every interaction is    positive & informative.

Critical Touchpoints to optimize Before the Purchase

• Social media posts,    advertisements, reviews &    ratings.  • The aim is to identify areas     to improve CE • Changes can be made as per    preference of generating    leads or improving    interactions. • Make data-driven decisions.

Critical Touchpoints to optimize During the Purchase

• Point of sale, conversations    with the sales team, website    interactions etc. • Essential to be clear and    concise about the purchase. • Easy to digest information    needs to be there.  • Social media interaction to    solve queries

Critical Touchpoints to optimize After the Purchase

• Keep customer informed.  • Includes billing, follow-up,    transactional emails,    support & more. • Offers benefits like word of    mouth and referrals. • Offer timely updates and    support