Indian Real Estate Industry: Tracing the Changes since the Pandemic

The Rise of PropTech Solutions

– Digital real estate search & transactions​

– VR & AR 

– Big Data & Analytics ​

– Home automation and smart buildings​

– IoT-based amenities & facilities​

Preference for Co-working Spaces

– Cost-efficient Solution​

– Running the business 24/7​

-Contributes to employee satisfaction 

– Make new contacts, and forge new partnerships​

The Rise in Pricing

– Hike in the overall costs​

– Rising demand of homes​

– Rising materials costs​

– Profit margin of developers ​

Government Schemes & Offers

– Tax exemption benefit on interest on housing loans ​

– Establishment of the Affordable Housing Fund​

– Rs 48,000 crore allotment for affordable homes​

-80 Lakh affordable units to be built

Increased Traction from Homebuyers

– Taking advantage of WFH policies​

– Continued reliance on digital search ​

– Preference for owning large homes with better access to healthcare, safety, openness ​

Emergence of New Factors

– Sustainable lifestyle​

– Experiential living​

– Solar energy, water harvesting

– Electric charging points​

The Stability of Affordable Homes

– Affordable homes has seen tremendous improvement over the years​

– Experientil livinga

– Buying affordable homes is relatively safe​

– Stable rate of interest on loans improving affordability