Empowering Homebuyers with MahaRERA’s Grading System

How Does the MahaRERA’s Grading System Work?

• Comprehensive project    details required for    registration • Evaluation of technical    details, financial health, legal    compliance, etc. • Grading system based on    independent expert    assessments

MahaRERA Grading System Benefits for Homebuyers

• Simplified decision-making    with a single grade • Increased transparency into    project evaluation • Benchmarking projects for    comparison

MahaRERA Grading System Impact on Developers

•  Improving construction    quality to score well • Meeting delivery timelines    for higher grades • Enhancing financial planning    and regulatory compliance


• Better-managed developers    gain advantages • Higher sales velocity and    customer confidence

Challenges and Adaptations

• Concerns about market    conditions not adequately    factored • Review of weightage given to    different parameters • Regulatory intent towards    consumer interest

Catch The Full Story Talking About

• Structural shift towards    empowering buyers • Reliable benchmark for risk    evaluation • Stepping stone towards a    transparent real estate    market