PropTech and Its Benefits for Consumers and Developers

The definition w.r.t. to Developers & Customers

• Tools used to optimize    how real estate sales are    planned and performed

• A force that drives                   an ecosystem of inventive    businesses and products

Technology that power up PropTech

• Machine Learning (ML)

• Artificial Intelligence (AI)

• Virtual Reality (VR)

• Augmented Reality (AR)

• The Internet of Things (IoT)

• 5G

How PropTech has empowered both?

• Customized buying and selling    experiences

• Consumers can explore    property and surroundings in    real-time 

• Establish agreements without    any involvement of brokers. 

Real Estate PropTech Benefits to Consumers

• Easy Property Searching

• Secure & Seamless Buying 

• Automation Of Paperwork

• 3D Virtual Apartment Tours

• Direct & Effortless    Communication

• Real-Time Updates at the    Fingertips

Benefits of PropTech to Developers

• Smart Marketing & Sales    strategies

• Exploiting IoT, Robotics, Drone,    & BIM 

• Transparent Communication &    Payments 

• Digital Inventory Management

• Reports & Analytics

• Superior Post-Sales Services