How is PropTech Shaping the Real Estate Industry?

Reduction of Paperwork and Easy Data Collection

• Reduces paperwork, saving    time and resources

• Makes data collection easier    through automation

• Empowers to focus more on           conducting market research

Transparency across the Processes, Payments, and Communication

• More clarity to the real-time    conditions of their properties

• Coordinate with tenants for       maintenance

• Digital documentation &    payments

PropTech Brings the Benefits of CRM

• Increase in productivity and       efficiency

• Higher customer retention

• Multi-channel integration

• Faster response to customer       queries

Sales & Marketing Automation

• Better leasing, investment, and    buying decisions

• Find best-selling opportunities

• Eliminate monotony       from sales and marketing

Digital Inventory Management

• Makes inventory management    fast and efficient 

• Keep a 360-degree virtual view    of the inventory

• Take complete control, and     ultimately improve the bottom    line