Top 5 PropTech Trends to Watch Out For 2023

Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) for Searching, Renting, Buying, & Selling Properties

• Search, rent, buy, sell    properties from       smartphone • Saves time • Saves  money • Get all information at the    click  of a button

IoT and Smart Buildings for Convenience

• Smarter homes • Smarter security • Reduced energy   consumption • Predictive maintenance • Improved comfort and   well-being

Virtual & Augmented Reality for Construction & Site Visits

• Save time • Reduces costs • Project can be viewed   remotely • Project can be showcased   remotely

AI and Predictive Intelligence Platforms for Analytics and Reporting

• Improved efficiency • Increased lead generation • Improved database             management • Predict future trends

Blockchain Tech for Transparency & Clean Transactions

• Transparent system • Efficient data   management • Enhanced security • Instant traceability