Proven Framework for High Velocity Launches

Given the spike in new residential project launches post pandemic. It's important to know more about strategizing your next project launch to set you apart from competition​

Understanding the Market & Your Buyer

• Conduct a:    - Demand & supply analysis    - Competitor analysis based on       - Brand       - Location       - Pricing       - Lifestyle

Positioning Your Project Correctly

• Analyse key elements of a project    such as:   - Positioning and the Go-To-Market     strategy   - The price bucket    - Offers that can be rolled out

Setting up Growth Marketing Framework & Analytics

• On each stage of launch gain    complete clarity on:    - Targets    - Experiments    - Assumptions    - Expected outcomes • Set up full funnel metrics at each    level:    - Top    - Middle    - Bottom

Planning Your Channel Partner Aggregation

• Keep channel partners engaged • Channel partner network helps    boost sales • Use tech-based aggregation    platforms

Defining Your Customer Experience (CX)

• Offer personalized experience at    every stage:    - Pre-sales    - On-site    - Refined sales pitch during the      meeting    - After sales

Setting up Full-Funnel Analytics

• Use data and metrics to strategize    your launch plan • Identify  gaps in your plan • Set up processes and metrics for    the entire homebuying journey