A Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investment

Understand Your Goals

• Generating Income &     Building Wealth • Focus On Properties Offering    Steady Rental Income • Apply SMART Formula To     Set Right Kind Of Goals • SMART Stands For Specific,    Measurable Achievable,    Realistic & Time-bound

 Market Research

• Search For Real Estate    Market Trends • Choose The Right Location    To Buy • Consider Price Before    Investing • Contact Local Real Estate    Agents • Conduct Online Research  • Talk To Existing Local    Homeowners

Identifying the Right Properties

• Location Is Key Before    Investing • Type Of Property Is Of    Essence • Calculating Potential Return    On Investment (ROI)

Figuring Out the Financing

• Mortgage Obtained From    Bank/Financial Institutions    Or Companies • Availing Private Equity,    Money Invested By A Group    Or An Individual

 Management Plans

• Mapping Financial     Resources to Invest In    Property • Outlining Goals & Objectives    As An Investor • Implementing Strategies To    Achieve Set Goals • Consider Multiple Aspects Of    The Investment Process • Acquire, Maintain & Sell    Properties For A Profit • Place A Contingency Plan    In Case Of Any Unforeseen    Situation

 Risk Mitigation

• Risk Mitigation Is Key To    Real Estate Investment • Diversification Of Portfolio    Can Reduce Risk • Due Diligence Is Needed    For Right Property       Investment • Taking Help From A Team    Of Professionals Can    Lessen The Burden