7 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies to Boost Conversions

Understanding Goals, Platform & Content

-Set realistic & achievable goals

-Understand your digital platforms

-Deliver compelling content

Set Up an Effective Ad Campaign

-Highlight USPs

-Offer benefits over advantages

-Create urgency

-Include click worthy CTAs

-Build word of mouth

Have an Impactful Website

-Take a visual-driven approach

-Write compelling copy

-Deploy lead magnets

-Include testimonials 

-Link social media handles

Utilize Social Media

-Build leadership on LinkedIn

-Catchy, visual-driven approach

-Target users on Facebook

-Micro-blog on Twitter

Use Data Analytics

-Learn about your customers

-Evaluate, track, & optimize digital processes

-Learn about your campaigns

-Use multi-channel techniques

-Deliver personalized content

-Follow up timely

-Prioritize lead scoring

Effective Lead Nurturing

Use Word of Mouth Marketing

-Deliver rememberable service

-Offer exclusive services 

-Provide great after-sales service

-Increase loyalty with gifts & rewards