2023 Real Estate Market Outlook

Property Pricing Trends Pune

• Property rates will rise by 5-7% • Considerable demand for        real estate in tier 1 cities • Hiring to grew in real estate    in the coming year

Heightened Conditions between Ukraine & Russia

• Rising cost in raw materials • Steel saw an increase of    over 120% • Cement saw an increase     of 40% • Building prices gone up by    Rs 500 per square foot • Construction expenditures    account for 30-40% of the    overall cost 

Increase in the Rate of Interest

• Spiking home prices & rising    interest rates • Impact by rising inflation • Increase in rental prices as    well

Homebuyer’s Outlook For the Industry

• Customer confidence    improved since the pandemic • Depreciation of rupee’s value    to entice NRIs to invest • Investors & homeowners    drawn to business sector in    addition to residential