Real Estate Video Marketing A Complete Guide for 2023

Types of Real Estate Marketing Videos

• Influencer Walkthroughs

• Sample Flat Walkthroughs

• 3D Walkthroughs

• Video Mapping

• Testimonials Videos

How to make videos that skyrocket your sales?

• Gauge the market

Analyze Your Audience

• Gauge the buyer’s persona

• Study their background and    behavioral trait

Prepare Your Script

• Use the right bits of    information

• Add your personal experience

• Put CTAs wherever possible

Record High-Quality Content

• Use a good camera and    microphone

• Record in a well-lit environment

• Offer valuable information

• Upload to popular video         sharing platforms

Showcase Your USPs

• Exhibit everything good    about the project

• Highlight them

• Sell aspirations/Lifestyle

Record Concise Videos

• Keep text at minimum

• Highlight property as needed

• Keep everything short and   concise