Sustainability in Real Estate Industry

Sustainable Construction and Project Designs

- Minimizes:   > Energy consumption   > Wastage of electricity   > Wastage of water

Improved Utilization of Available Resources

- By using:   > Solar home power system   > Rainwater harvesting      system   > Waste management        system

Effective Waste Management

- Helps:   > Keep the surrounding      clean   > Create a healthy living      environment   > Reduce environmental      pollution

Promoting EV Infrastructure

- Will:   > Add value to the project   > Offer convenience to EV      users   > Counter vehicular pollution

Technologies and Systems that are Enabling Sustainable Real Estate

- Building Information   Modelling (BIM)

- HVAC systems

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

- Can be effectively used for:   > Accurate energy modelling   > Daylighting analysis   > Logistics and site      management

HVAC systems

- Improve indoor air-   quality

- Help conserve energy

- Regulate moisture    indoors