Top 5 Real Estate Sales Trends to Watch in 2022

Change in Consumer Sentiments

- Rising interest rates affect buying decision

- Increasing demand for budget homes

- Wide gap between demand and supply

- Developers offering homes of smaller ticket size to tap the demand

Change in Consumer Awareness

- Growing awareness of:

- Who to buy from?

- Which developer is more reliable?

- Which project is centrally located?

- Which project has better amenities at the same price?

Rising Costs of Development

- Rising demand of homes

- Rising construction material cost

- Rising labor cost

- Burden of increased cost passed on to home buyers

Increasing Role of Channel Partners

- Bridge the gap between home buyers and developers

- Match home buyers with the right property

- Provide end-to end real estate service

- Provide reliable sales service till possession

Improvements in Home Design

- Technology integration in homes

- Demand for:

- Smart homes

- Green homes

- Thematic homes

- Luxury homes